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Stunning is a good word to describe the improbable shift the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] has undergone since its creator, President Barack Obama, has vacated the White House and Donald Trump has occupied it for the last 98 days.

In the fall midterm elections of 2010 that followed the summer’s Tea Party inspired rage over the ACA, or Obamacare as Republicans have dubbed it, the revolt at the ballot box returned control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Republicans, a control they’ve enjoyed ever since. President Obama was mocked and ridiculed for his so-called government takeover […]

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How could the removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans provide us a lesson about memorials dedicated to Ronald Reagan?

Hang on to that thought about The Gipper for a moment. Let’s look at the Civil War lesson first.

For years, public sentiment has questioned the appropriateness of an obelisk honoring the killing of police officers by white supremacists in the Crescent City during the turbulent post-Civil War period as well as statues depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Pierre Beauregard. Finally, there is action to remove these symbols of treason that date from […]

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Two Big Trump Selfies

On April 30, 2017 By

Well, somehow we made it through the first 100 days. Sort of. President Trump gave himself an “A” for his performance but complained that the job wasn’t as easy as he had figured when he was ruling an oligarchy with a trophy wife and a daughter who had converted to Judaism to satisfy her Harvard-educated husband. If you’re going to square the family circle, long range dynastic planning is so basic. Still he wistfully complained that he missed driving his own car and of being accused of being called a liar everywhere that he goes. Life is unfair.

Relinquishing the […]

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On Tuesday night in Celina, a Republican stronghold in northwest Ohio, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley mercilessly harpooned John Kasich and his agenda over the last six years like Ahab going after Moby Dick. According to the Daily Standard, she’s “sounding as if she’s ready to enter the 2018 gubernatorial race.”  Whaley is widely regarded as a “progressive, pragmatic leader with a track record of getting things done.”

Others have similar thoughts on Whaley’s talents and Democratic futures. Liz Walters, a Summit County Council Member and former Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director, primed the pump Thursday with a solicitation for […]

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Ryan’s Folly

On April 28, 2017 By

From the latest TIME magazine came its “100 most influential people” ranging from Putin and Trump to Paul Ryan.

An arbitrary and generally mythical  list of mixed achievers, of course,  led me to wonder who didn’t make the cut. And why some did. All of the survivors were hailed with brief adulatory  comments by their admirers, none more so than House Speaker Paul Ryan’s icky  tribute  to Trump.  Technically the third most powerful politician on Capitol Hill (Trump and the other guy in the photo-ops ahead of him in the pecking order) , we have come to know Ryan as […]

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Appearing on Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday to pump his latest book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich enjoyed another national TV appearance free of worry that his dog-whistle, faith-based preaching would be challenged despite ample evidence that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Kasich called his new book a “cry of the heart,” saying he wants people to live “life a little bigger than ourselves,” classic Kasich rhetoric heard throughout his long, losing campaign for president last year.

The term-limited governor normally loves to talk about how many CEOs he talks to […]

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While Ohio’s part-time governor John Kasich has been doing full-time self-promotion out-of-state on a book tour in New York and New Hampshire, once super-friendly state Republican lawmakers have butchered several key proposals in his last biennial budget plan.

Ohio’s General Assembly leaders embarrassed the term-limited, lame-duck Kasich by releasing a budget plan Tuesday that, according to the Toledo Blade, “abandons Mr. Kasich’s tax reform proposal, in which he proposed increases in sales, tobacco, alcohol, and shale oil and natural gas taxes to help pay for a 17 percent cut in the income tax.”

State Sen. Joe Schiavoni, D-Boardman, […]

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In the latest iteration of the Ohio Budget Bill, language has been added that would eliminate the Resident Educator Program that requires new teachers to jump through some hoops in order to maintain their license, and their career.  The most talked about piece is the costly Resident Educator Summative Assessment, or RESA, a series of tasks that are submitted and graded by a third-party vendor, Educopia, that is contracted by the Ohio Department of Education at a cost of $5,000,000 per year.  In a lean budget year, the House might be looking to save money wherever they can.

The changes […]

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John Kasich is promoting his latest book, “Two Paths,” but the tale of today’s version of the book tour could better be named “Two Ironies.”

Tonight, in an appearance on MSNBC, Governor Kasich opined on the irresponsible GOP practice of “dynamic scoring” where policymakers invent rosy scenarios in which tax cuts will result in so much economic growth that they pay for themselves.

Here’s the funny thing about that: today, while Kasich was in New York selling books, lawmakers back in Ohio were grappling with an $800 million budget shortfall caused by six years of Kasich tax cuts that resulted […]

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Author J.D. Vance has made the most of his memoir, “Hillbilly Elegy,” and it’s tale of his family’s struggle in Appalachian Kentucky and Ohio.

Most recently, Vance was the keynote speaker at the Lucas County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

From the Toledo Blade:

Mr. Vance urged the Republican Party to promote policies that will restore upward mobility to the working class.

“Stories like mine are less and less common today. The prospects of a kid growing up at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and rising to the top is less and less frequent,” Mr. Vance […]

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When the 1962 New York Mets trotted onto the field giving the fans their first look at the expansion team, the crowd roared its welcome for the new hometown nine. The freshly uniformed aggregate was an odd assemblage of faded yester-season stars like Richie Ashburn, Gene Woodling and Roger Craig, each dispatched by their former teams for whatever benefit that might provide for the Mets. The manager was Casey Stengel, nicknamed the Old Professor for his 10 American League titles with the Yankees.

Surely his wisdom, experience and colorful vocabulary would enhance the play of the old castoffs with reasonably […]

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