From the daily archives: Monday, April 10, 2017

Ohio Republican State Senator Matt Huffman has introduced a bill  (SB 85) that would provide almost universal school vouchers across Ohio.

The Legislative Service Commission (LSC) estimates that 74% of Ohio students would be eligible to participate under the terms of the SB 85 voucher proposal. The LSC Fiscal Note and Local Impact Statement indicates if all students would opt for vouchers the net cost to the state would be $1.19 billion per year. Further, the LSC Note states, “Participation rates between 2.5% and 10% result in net annual state costs ranging from $45 million to $133 million.”

Private […]

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Imagine schooling in Ohio without the 1851 Constitutional provision for a thorough and efficient system of common schools.

The 18th and 19th century public officials set forth education policy with future generations in mind. The Land Ordinance of 1787 set aside the 16th section of each township for the support of education. It took a couple of decades after statehood for Ohio officials to get their education act together. They mismanaged (wasted) the revenue-raising capacity of the 16th section of each township and, for the most part, merely granted charters to local libraries, literary societies and charities to provide a […]

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Each person is amazingly unique, each endowed with innate characteristics, talents, abilities, gifts, etc. Each has an exclusive DNA different from all others.

The far-reaching goal of the public common school is to nurture the development of students’ gifts, talents, abilities, etc. The goal is to develop participating citizens capable of contributing to the common good. A broad array of programs, services and professional personnel are required for successful accomplishment of the goal.

But how should success be measured? By the A-F report card? High stakes standardized academic tests to be perfected by all students? Should all students be required […]

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Oh! – O’Brien’s Exit

On April 10, 2017 By

I will probably be cast into journalistic hell for writing this counterspin to the Plain Dealer editorial board’s outpouring of praise for Kevin O’Brien, the deeply conservative deputy editorial page editor and columnist who opted for a buyout from the state’s biggest newspaper. I won’t go into the frills of his colleagues’ admiration of the longtime polemicist who sniffed and snorted at the slightest hint of the country’s alleged drift to the left. For me, his departure will create some fresh air for his assault on the chorus of scientists – 97 percent of them on stage for curtain […]

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Back in August of 2015, Ohio Gov. John Kasich made a big deal out of being endorsed by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.  Gov. Bentley now finds himself in boiling water as the result of his philandering with a female aide and an ethics investigation into that relationship and other violations of state law.

The thinking by Camp Kasich at the time was that nabbing Gov. Bentley’s endorsement that early in the game would “crack Dixie.” Reports of Bentley endorsing Kasich was good news, since Bentley didn’t endorse a Republican candidate for president in 2012.

Bentley was elected governor in […]

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We’re getting there. Dig a bunker. Stock up on ammo. Buy booze, water, and freeze dried food. Basically stock up like it’s the Zombie Apocalypse only not zombies.

Since the November election we have seen President Trump’s disturbing pivot to the pacific rim. First he takes a call from the President of Taiwan putting decades of our carefully maintained one China policy in jeopardy.

China was disturbed enough to need calmed down by the Obama State Department. This was before the Trump’s inauguration. On the campaign trail The Donald railed against Chinese trade policies, our trade deficit, and accusations […]

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