Each person is amazingly unique, each endowed with innate characteristics, talents, abilities, gifts, etc. Each has an exclusive DNA different from all others.

The far-reaching goal of the public common school is to nurture the development of students’ gifts, talents, abilities, etc. The goal is to develop participating citizens capable of contributing to the common good. A broad array of programs, services and professional personnel are required for successful accomplishment of the goal.

But how should success be measured? By the A-F report card? High stakes standardized academic tests to be perfected by all students? Should all students be required to demonstrate high level skills in art, music and physical/athletic attainment as the measurement of success?

I am well acquainted with two young people who recently received full scholarships to universities; one for being a talented football quarterback and the other for being a talented musician. Given the value of these scholarships, should all students be given high stakes tests in music and athletics?

Just wondering…


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding