From the daily archives: Monday, April 24, 2017

When the 1962 New York Mets trotted onto the field giving the fans their first look at the expansion team, the crowd roared its welcome for the new hometown nine. The freshly uniformed aggregate was an odd assemblage of faded yester-season stars like Richie Ashburn, Gene Woodling and Roger Craig, each dispatched by their former teams for whatever benefit that might provide for the Mets. The manager was Casey Stengel, nicknamed the Old Professor for his 10 American League titles with the Yankees.

Surely his wisdom, experience and colorful vocabulary would enhance the play of the old castoffs with reasonably […]

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Donald Trump likes to boast that he thinks “BIG”. As he has bellowed , “The time for small thinking is over”.

True to his fantasies, he declared he will stage a “BIG” (his caps) rally in Harrisburg, Pa., Saturday night to counter the annual White House Correspondents bash that he has vengefully refused to attend. But even as one gifted in the smallness of his incoherent tweets, his decision to assemble his followers to show up the media is one of the smallest acts a U.S. President could ever conceive as a personal show window.

It would serve us nicely […]

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ATHENS – The timing couldn’t have been worse. A group of open-carry advocates came to Athens last weekend to exercise their rights by sauntering around uptown with firearms slung over their shoulders and strapped to their hips.

OK. So it goes. This is well within the law. If somebody wants to play at Wyatt Earp and walk around with six-shooters on each hip for all the world to see, well, he can.

Personally, I think it’d be fun to do so with bandoliers criss-crossing the chest, Pancho Villa-style, the absurdity of the action thus nicely highlighted.

But here’s the thing: These open-carry […]

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