From the daily archives: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back in 2011 I analyzed Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program and determined that 93% of the vouchers were being used at private schools with a religious affiliation.  A new analysis by the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows that number may have jumped to 97%.

Donald Trump has proposed increasing spending on school vouchers in his budget, a plan fully supported by Betsy DeVos, his Education Secretary.  DeVos and Trump both attended private schools as children and neither have any experience with actual public schools or with education policy.

Our analysis from 2011 showed that there were only three secular private high schools in Ohio that […]

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According to a recent article by Diane Ravitch, the Walton Family Foundation spent $179 million on charter school activities in 2015 and they “are in the midst of a pledge to spend $1 billion to open more charters.”

The Walton Family foundation and other pro-charter foundations are spending billions in the campaign to charterize the traditional public system. Ravitch shared a list of organizations that Walton is helping to bankroll that includes Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst Institute ($2.8 Million) and Teach For America ($8 Million) as well as School Choice Ohio ($35K), the shady Ohio-based, anti-public school organization.

While […]

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Bill O’Reilly, one of Donald Trump’s biggest media pals and well-known womanizer, has officially been let go by Fox News after two decades of being the all-pro Republican media channel’s top talent.  The decision comes after news broke that Fox paid a minimum of $13 million in legal settlements to women who endured unwanted advances by their almighty messenger and purveyor of right-wing news.   A recent poll by Morning Consult showed, by a 2-1 margin, that American viewers wanted Bill O’Reilly to go away.

Maybe Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a life-after-governor career after all?

The Ohio leader known for his abrasive […]

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