Bill O’Reilly, one of Donald Trump’s biggest media pals and well-known womanizer, has officially been let go by Fox News after two decades of being the all-pro Republican media channel’s top talent.  The decision comes after news broke that Fox paid a minimum of $13 million in legal settlements to women who endured unwanted advances by their almighty messenger and purveyor of right-wing news.   A recent poll by Morning Consult showed, by a 2-1 margin, that American viewers wanted Bill O’Reilly to go away.

Maybe Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a life-after-governor career after all?

The Ohio leader known for his abrasive personality spent years at Fox News guest-hosting for Mr. O’Reilly.  Could Kasich step back into network TV and fulfill his recent prediction that he’ll have more to say out of office than in office?

It was once rumored that Gov. Kasich might arrange a palace coup at The Ohio State University to become its next president, as he again transitions out of public office. That door seems to have closed now that OSU President Michael Drake is signed up to lead the big university through 2021.

Facing a certain fate to wander off the political radar screen in less than two years, morphing from governor to university president seemed like just the kind of opportunity tailor-made for John Kasich.  Though Mr. Kasich could also mount a plausible third run for the White House in 2020.

His second run happened last year, but like the first one Congressman Kasich launched in 2000, it ended badly as he lost 49 state primaries and caucuses and dropped out early in May of 2016, even though he finished well early on in New Hampshire. Coordinated with the release of his new book about his most recent race for the White House, Gov. Kasich will soon return to the Granite State to keep his currency as a candidate in 2020 alive.

In the meantime, Kasich needs to answer some questions about O’Reilly and Fox News.

Gov. John Kasich is scheduled for a one-hour CNN Town Hall event at 10 p.m. next Monday evening, as Plunderbund contributor David Dewitt has reported,  CNN host Anderson Cooper must ask Mr. Kasich whether he saw something of the pervasive culture of sexual harassment during his years at Fox News.  And if he did, why he didn’t say something?

Bill O’Reilly is just the latest power player at Fox News, where John Kasich worked and hosted another political talk shows called “The Heartland,” to get pushed out for aggressively participating in a sexualized workplace environment that intimidated women. Roger Ailes, a graduate of Ohio University who has contributed “significant support” to the Bobcat’s school in Athens, Ohio, was forced out last year when similar accusations arose from women at Fox News, especially after Gretchen Carlson went public with charges of unwanted advances by Mr. Ailes that produced a settle of $20 million from Fox. OU has removed Ailes’ name and returned his contribution following his resignation atop the Fox News pyramid.

CNN might want to query Mr. Kasich, who took criticism for the lack of diversity in his cabinet,  about whether he witnessed Ailes, who hired him at Fox, or O’Reilly, whom he substituted for on-air, engaging in the kind of womanizing a line of accusers have come forward to report?

Mr. Cooper might also ask the governor how much it cost Ohio taxpayers for his failed presidential run, why he derailed Libertarian Party candidate Charlie Earl in 2014, why he doesn’t hold regular press conferences back home, why he loves Medicaid but would repeal Obamacare, or 50 other questions reporters have failed to ask.