From the daily archives: Thursday, April 6, 2017

On his weekly conference call with reporters Wednesday, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Youngstown State President Jim Tressel joined forces to prioritize class enrollment for veterans.

Sen. Brown, who will run for a third term in 2018, outlined his legislation to ensure that veterans, servicemembers, and surviving spouses and children of servicemembers who have died in the line of duty can take full advantage of their education benefits.

The Veterans Priority Enrollment Act of 2017, a bipartisan bill cosponsored by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), would extend priority enrollment for college courses to veterans, servicemembers, and eligible dependents who […]

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For any visitor from another planet who landed in Sandusky Tuesday night and sat in the audience at the Sandusky Theatre to listen to Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s seventh State of the State [SOTS] speech, the Ohio leader would have impressed mightily with his hyperbolic remarks that lasted more than an hour.

For anyone from Earth who’s heard the governor’s previous six SOTS presentations, the seventh was full of more sound and fury, signifying nothing. Gov. Kasich was back in Ohio for a change, repeating his favorite themes of faith, living beyond oneself by helping others and bridging partisan […]

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