From the daily archives: Sunday, April 9, 2017

It’s taken a little more than six years for some of Ohio’s Big Eight legacy newspapers to find enough backbone to whack Gov. John Kasich upside his self-righteous, sanctimonious head on the terrible and dishonest job he’s done of disinvesting in critical areas Ohio must do better in if it hope to improve anytime soon.

Plunderbund readers know all too well that Kasich’s quackery about innovation and creativity have failed.  And while tried and true remedies are readily at hand, they require the kind of political gumption the former Fox TV host and Lehman Brothers banker can not muster […]

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In his seventh State of the State Address, delivered last Tuesday evening from Sandusky, Ohio, near Lake Erie, Gov. John Kasich spoke for about 70 minutes, mentioning opportunity eight times, taking risks five times, innovation four times and technologies twice.

“We have a lot of research in Ohio. It’s not coordinated, it’s not put together, it’s not focused. We have such a great opportunity to create new things here in the 21st Century. If we come up with these ideas, they can change our world in the very new future,” he said in his characteristic hyperbolic, rambling style. Leveraging […]

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