It’s taken a little more than six years for some of Ohio’s Big Eight legacy newspapers to find enough backbone to whack Gov. John Kasich upside his self-righteous, sanctimonious head on the terrible and dishonest job he’s done of disinvesting in critical areas Ohio must do better in if it hope to improve anytime soon.

Plunderbund readers know all too well that Kasich’s quackery about innovation and creativity have failed.  And while tried and true remedies are readily at hand, they require the kind of political gumption the former Fox TV host and Lehman Brothers banker can not muster to bridge the political divide.

PB has tracked Gov. Kasich’s much ballyhooed but poor performance over the years like Sherlock Holmes tracking down arch nemesis Professor Moriarty.

Here’s a sampling of some of today’s headlines:

The headlines show that some reporters and editorial boards are finally ready to speak bluntly instead of sugar-coating the petulant leader’s bombastic ideas that only sound good if they came out of an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting, which they probably did.

The hole the state is in after massive tax shifting and shortchanging critical partners like local governments, public schools and colleges is huge.  To Ohio media who have arrived late to this reality party:  Plunderbund welcomes you!