From the daily archives: Monday, April 3, 2017

John Kasich appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday and bashed members of his own party for not including Democrats in deliberations related to their giant policy failure to deliver a death blow to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare] by repealing and replacing it with their own terrible bill erroneously called “The American Health Care Act.”

For anyone who’s been separated from the real world for a while, the GOP’s bill was constructed in secret and put to House Majority Caucus Members as their only choice. It crashed before it left the hanger for the runway, […]

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“The government should be run like a great American company.”

We’ve heard this tired, oft-repeated saw before. And if you follow this reasoning, those who come out of a corporate environment, as we are told by Jared Kushner and his father-in-law, possess training and knowledge superior to anyone else’s life experience.

But in our fact-free world of the present, should we ever totally believe this supposed truism?

Nope. But we can thank none other than The Donald for destroying a myth deeply embedded in our consciousness.

But why are people still believing this myth? […]

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If you want further evidence to fill in the blanks of Donald Trump’s blankety-blank boast to revive America’s coal mines, I  recommend Paul Krugman’s column in Friday’s New York Times, which you can find online titled “Coal Country is a State of Mind”.  Having spent much of my youth in Pennsylvania’s coal  country, I’m particularly sensitive to the brutal con game that Trump is playing on  the miners of yesteryear who  aren’t questioning the absurdity of his words. But as we all must know by now, with the possible exception of  his diehard loyalists whose cars still bear Trump […]

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A new bill (HB 87) from Republican Rep. Kristina Roegner would require funds recovered from charter schools be returned to school districts: a really good proposal, but Ohio’s track record of collecting misspent charter money is less than 10 percent. Charter funds are deducted from school districts and thus misspent by charters should be returned to the source. That is a no-brainer! But Ohio has been conspicuously unsuccessful in collecting misused funds from charters. HB 87 should be amended to require state officials to aggressively pursue misspent funds and hold charter school sponsors responsible for repaying the […]

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According to the Sunbury News:

A Columbus woman who took $88,750 earmarked to start a charter school in Powell was sentenced to three years in prison recently by Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge Everett H. Krueger.

If a charter school operator is sent to prison for taking funds earmarked for start-up school, why aren’t some of the big time thieves in the charter school industry punished?

Taxpayers pay for charter students that are not participating in education. Charter operators form companies to provide high cost rental space for the charter schools they operate. All kinds of nefarious deals […]

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