John Kasich appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday and bashed members of his own party for not including Democrats in deliberations related to their giant policy failure to deliver a death blow to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare] by repealing and replacing it with their own terrible bill erroneously called “The American Health Care Act.”

For anyone who’s been separated from the real world for a while, the GOP’s bill was constructed in secret and put to House Majority Caucus Members as their only choice. It crashed before it left the hanger for the runway, as sane Democrats were joined in their opposition to the bill by a small contingent of loony tune right-wing conservatives who, ironically, call themselves the Freedom Caucus. The Freedom Caucus, whose leadership includes Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan of Urbana, thought hurting more people by taking away their health care was the compassionate thing to do.

Gov. Kasich is out peddling his latest book about what he learned last year after getting crushed running for president. With a book to sell and sporting his one-trick pony credential as a Republican governor who accepted billions in federal cash to expand Medicaid coverage, the Wizard of Westerville called the notion that Democrats are not willing to work with Republicans “pathetic.” Many see the problem in today’s dysfunctional Washington as the reverse, made all the more dysfunctional by a White House staffed by Donald Trump and his misbegotten minions.

Kasich followed his national TV appearance with a visit to Washington to meet with the so-called “constructive members” of congress. Those members he met with comprised the so-called “Tuesday Group,” a coalition of moderate Republicans who were prepared to vote down a GOP effort to reform health care and repeal the 2010 health care law known as Obamacare. Speaking of “pathetic,” Kasich did not meet with even one Democrat during his DC trip, even though he chided his GOP colleagues for not reaching out to Democrats.

Kasich called on his GOP team members to ask Democrats for a date when they would agree to help work on health care. “If they don’t give you one, put it on Facebook. Unfriend them,” he said, according to reports. At the same time he was acting the juvenile, he wants everyone to “grow up” to serve Americans.

John Kasich has spent his entire long and lucrative political life as a hyper-partisan performance politician, who knows he can say one thing and do another and media will not hold him accountable for his two-faced statements. It would take a large search party to find any Democrat who could truthfully say Mr. Kasich has consulted them on more than one occasion to plumb their ideas on any policy of significance he’s proposed. The governor often doesn’t even bring his own party members into his own inter sanctum.  History can attest to this as many of his fondest budget proposals have been shot down by fellow Republicans and even his beloved business community.

Beltway reporters are oblivious to the fight Gov. Kasich has broached with cities across Ohio on his proposal to take hundreds of millions away from them by commandeering their tax collection duties, then doling out breadcrumbs in return. National TV talk show hosts are likewise oblivious to his theft of billions from local governments and schools, neither of which he consulted before sequestering billions into an emergency fund, that for decades before he became governor flowed back to them to provide a level of service taxpayers expect in return for local taxes.

Fortune WGL List

For all those readers of Fortune Magazine, who saw Gov. Kasich listed number 12 on the magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders list for 2017, a careful reading of the three criteria for inclusion pretty much disqualifies him from making the list.  Whether it’s acknowledging reality and offering hope or bringing followers physically together or building bridges, Ohio’s 69th governor performs poorly on all three counts. The single reason he made the list was his hypocrisy on Medicaid expansion and Obamacare. He’s for the former but against the later, when the former wouldn’t be possible without the later.

There are many who would likely pay good money to see Gov. Kasich and Samantha Bee get it on, on TV of course. Samantha Bee, host and executive producer of her biting, no-holds barred show “Full Frontal,” was number 19 on Fortune’s WGL list. Bee would sting Kasich like no real bee could.

Merrian-Webster defines hypocrisy like this: “feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not: behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel. Gov. John Kasich’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, because media let’s him spew his misbegotten malarkey without ever calling him on talking out of both sides of his mouth.