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Trump’s Missing Taxes

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I noticed that Donald Trump’s masturbatory tweets have offered us a concise rebuttal of the tens of thousands of protesters calling for the release of his tax returns. Who paid them to take to the streets as mercenaries to question his secluded return? “The election is over,” he tweeted without mentioning the mythical audit that prevented him from releasing the tax numbers during the campaign. He also piggybacked another boast that he won the delegate count by an enormous figure. So there!

Are you as offended as I am that he is playing millions upon millions of Americans as […]

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According to Dr. Sarah Stitzlein, Associate Professor of Education, University of Cincinnati, school voucher programs place individual interest over the common good.  The conclusion of Dr. Stitzlein’s Cincinnati Enquirer OpEd article is that SB 85 (the almost-universal voucher bill pending in the Senate Education Committee) is the wrong choice for Ohio.

Expanding school choice via free market ideology, a system that has served our country well in other areas, is appealing. But, it should only be used in the context of education when research and evidence demonstrate its usefulness for real children, schools, and communities. The reality is […]

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The Washington Post published an excellent brief recitation of the history of the “Blaine Amendment” by Diane Ravitch.

Public school personnel and all other citizens will benefit by reading this insightful article.

Church and state must be kept separate for the benefit of both church and state. Recent decisions by all three branches of government have blurred the line of separation in recent decades. That does not bode well for democracy.

Each, the church and civil government, have unique separate roles to play in our society. Intermingling of those roles will compromise both the church and state to the […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems unsure what it means to be Republican today. “I don’t like any of them, on both sides,” he told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I can’t even tell you what the Republicans exactly stand for,” he said, adding, “Now, I can tell you what I stand for.”

What Ohio’s leader stands for are programs and policies that generally run afoul of what Democrats stand for. It’s hard to imagine Democrats would let him into the fold since he’s been so adamantly opposed to nearly every tenant or cannon they cherish, from raising the minimum wage to keeping Obamacare, […]

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