According to a recent article by Diane Ravitch, the Walton Family Foundation spent $179 million on charter school activities in 2015 and they “are in the midst of a pledge to spend $1 billion to open more charters.”

The Walton Family foundation and other pro-charter foundations are spending billions in the campaign to charterize the traditional public system. Ravitch shared a list of organizations that Walton is helping to bankroll that includes Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst Institute ($2.8 Million) and Teach For America ($8 Million) as well as School Choice Ohio ($35K), the shady Ohio-based, anti-public school organization.

While the billionaire charter advocates are spending billions to shift the democratically-operated common school system to a market-based system, the public school advocates have sparse resources and except for a few, display little strength of purpose to preserve the common school, and thus the common good.


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding