John Kasich is promoting his latest book, “Two Paths,” but the tale of today’s version of the book tour could better be named “Two Ironies.”

Tonight, in an appearance on MSNBC, Governor Kasich opined on the irresponsible GOP practice of “dynamic scoring” where policymakers invent rosy scenarios in which tax cuts will result in so much economic growth that they pay for themselves.

Here’s the funny thing about that: today, while Kasich was in New York selling books, lawmakers back in Ohio were grappling with an $800 million budget shortfall caused by six years of Kasich tax cuts that resulted in less growth–and less revenue–than he promised. Dynamic scoring indeed.

This irony comes after a morning tweetstorm from Kasich boasting about how his budget successes in Ohio have resulted from “teamwork.” But today, while Kasich’s teammates in the Ohio legislature were working to solve his budget crisis by scrapping every single element of his tax plan, Kasich was out of state, shuttling between Manhattan TV studios to promote his book.

We’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how successful teams actually work.