Well, somehow we made it through the first 100 days. Sort of. President Trump gave himself an “A” for his performance but complained that the job wasn’t as easy as he had figured when he was ruling an oligarchy with a trophy wife and a daughter who had converted to Judaism to satisfy her Harvard-educated husband. If you’re going to square the family circle, long range dynastic planning is so basic. Still he wistfully complained that he missed driving his own car and of being accused of being called a liar everywhere that he goes. Life is unfair.

Relinquishing the proud nation to one who is totally without class or conscience, he ended the stretch week in his comfort zones with a dash to the NRA convention where he was generously embraced by chief gun-meister Wayne LaPierre, who won’t be satisfied until every lunatic in the country owns weapons in the resumed battle between cowboys and Crooked Hillaries. You’ll recall that Trump said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote – certainly not the NRA’s. He got that one right.

As I watched him at the convention before leaving the room , amid the delegates’ cheers and arm-waving I could only again express sympathy for his supporters who will be the losers in the end when he doesn’t deliver his promises to wall them off in safety, wealth and good health.

The next night he was doing his mighty selfie all over again, insecurity disguised by his maniacal attacks on the media . Veteran political advisors like David Gergen swore that he had never heard anything so divisive as this president. Clearly Trump, who decided to boycott the sold-out White House Correspondents annual dinner, wanted to show the media who was boss of the kingdom and to hell with the majority of Americans who disapproved of his behavior.

As I witnessed it in horror, I could only think of how my father, a Republican, would havee reacted. Even with a son who fashioned a career as a journalist , it would be safe to say he would have loved every minute of it. As the son of immigrant parents, he would have approved of Trump’s wall of keep out any threats to his own stake in america as auto mechanic. He hated the Kennedys, complaining to me that the media covered up Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick’s saga.
I asked him how he knew about Chappaquiddick. “It was in the Miami Herald,” he said. There was no possible followup question.
I didn’t mention my mother, who was nonpolitical with a world that extended from the refrigerator to the frying pan
Among the biggest losers, historically speaking, will be the servile Republican officeholders, who have surrendered party of Lincoln to a non-ideological intruder, no questions asked. Think, um…Paul Ryan…and then…Mitch McConnell. Don’t get me started on that long list of inanimate objects surrounding Trump. . Oh,what the hell, Mike Pence, too.