Appearing on Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday to pump his latest book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich enjoyed another national TV appearance free of worry that his dog-whistle, faith-based preaching would be challenged despite ample evidence that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Kasich called his new book a “cry of the heart,” saying he wants people to live “life a little bigger than ourselves,” classic Kasich rhetoric heard throughout his long, losing campaign for president last year.

The term-limited governor normally loves to talk about how many CEOs he talks to each day, but was unashamed enough to say “people matter as much as a CEO.” He wants everyone to “focus on things that bring us together. Then he had the gall to call on everyone to “listen to each other” when he rarely listens to others.

Out of Ohio again, forcing taxpayers to pony up even more as the governor promotes his new book, Mr. Kasich has landed TV time on Yahoo News and MSNBCs “Morning Joe” program and had another secret chat with Rupert Murdock, the reigning kingpin of Fox News, where John Kasich worked for years as host of his own political talk show.

And back home where’s he’s still governor, the always friendly Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer are helping to promote the petulant governor’s campaign-recollection book with more articles full of quotes about its contents.

Listening To Others?

Basic Kasich has crafted a long and lucrative career out of wooing people to think he’s not a partisan politician, when he’s been nothing but a partisan politician.

“Life is not about self-abortion,” said the 65-year old man who’s so focused on himself that he tried to command his own lane, “the Kasich lane,” when he ran for the White House last year. Admitting that he’s cynical of both parties, he said “politicians are all locked in” and that “they are afraid to talk to the other party.”

“We need to listen to other peoples’ points of view,” he said, Face the Nation host John Dickerson letting him babble away to end the short segment.

Plunderbund compiled and posted a short list of questions CNN’S Anderson Cooper should ask Gov. Kasich on Monday, when the Wizard of Westerville holds court over another hour to promote his book and prattle on about how messed up and divided the nation is, and how he can help.

Politicians like Kasich have not reached across the aisle for decades. They only hew to their partisan brand like a horse running back to the barn and then bemoan that “people should listen to the view points of others.”

John Kasich is a practiced fraud who’s learned to pluck at the heartstrings of many who don’t know his history enough to see his deceit.

Points Of View?

If John Kasich actually practiced what he preaches—listening to the viewpoints of others—why hasn’t he realized that he’s been tone deaf or blind to them for his entire adult life?

When Gov. Kasich can honestly say he’s listened to other people’s views, and his views on any of the following issues or topics, he will have proven the worth of his words:

Raise the minimum wage;
Tax wealthy individuals and rich corporations more;
Stop robbing local governments and public schools;
Stand up for union workers and their rights to organize;
Help women to access their constitutional right to abortion or healthcare;
Admit government isn’t the problem;
Go speak and interact with Democrats for once in your life;
Be for single payer or Medicare for all;
Raise the cap to better fund Social Security;
Stop beating up on public schools and public school teacher unions;

This short list could be far longer, but the point has been made: Gov. Kasich has flim-flammed his way through 18 years in Congress and what in two years will be eight years as Governor of Ohio.

He lost badly last year, and except for his various Hail Mary attempts to stay aloft in the public eye—with “Two Paths” being his latest lifesaver—he has been on the wrong side of most important issues affecting most ordinary people most of his life.

He’s made millions off his bluster and bombast, and won all of his elections in a reliably Republican district, until he went down in flames last year when he lost 49 state primaries and caucuses nationwide.

He’s never had to do more with less, but always wants others to find creative and innovative ways to fill their larder after he’s helped himself to the contents.

America’s National Chaplain is heavenly at preaching the Gospel According To John Kasich but stunningly bad at following the gospel of his own teachings.