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Political campaigns  are never without a fresh supply of jargon, from Yellow Dogs, boll weevils  and angry white guys, to gravitas, Nascar dads and a soccer mom from somewhere up north. We need an artificial way to extract one pol from another to keep everybody casually informed of who’s who.

Now, we’re being introduced to the phenomenon of “grown- ups”. It’s a common word that has taken on new meaning  in the helter-skelter of the 2016 campaign.   As the Plain Dealer chipped in with its endorsement of John  Kasich:  “Alone among Republicans Kasich acts like a grown-up”. I only agree […]

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John Weaver, Ohio Governor John Kasich’s chief presidential campaign strategist, says his 63-year-old, term-limited, faith-based leader has a “positive inclusive approach to problem solving.” Other than Camp Kasich repeating this Greek Chorus claim about his recipe for governing, examples of it happening with any regularity are hard for any student of Kasich to find since they are rare indeed.

Bringing people together to solve problems has always been a priority for Gov. Kasich over his nearly 40 years in professional politics, or the “arena” as he refers to elective office these days. And when he says he knows how Washington […]

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As President Bill Clinton said in 2012 at the National Democratic Convention about criticisms aimed at President Obama by Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president, Paul Ryan, “It takes some brass to accuse someone else of doing what you did.”

More prophetic words could not be spoken, especially in light of some statements Ohio Gov. John Kasich said recently at a campaign stop at Villanova University.

Kasich’s Brass

Reports from the road say Gov. Kasich, who finally finished first after losing 32 other Republican state contests by winning his home state of Ohio, said President Barack Obama should not rush to nominate […]

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 This week on the Plunderbund Podcast we discuss the results of the hard fought Presidential Primaries in Ohio.  Hillary Clinton and John Kasich were able to beat back tough challenges — what does this mean for Ohio in November.  Our second topic is some of the other notable races in Ohio that were decided on primary day, including the ouster of the Cleveland Prosecuting Attorney.  Finally, we end as we do every week with Predictions.

Joe Mismas and Joshua Engel are joined this week by lawyer and political consultant Gena Shelton.


The NYT Results feature the the map of GOP results we reference […]

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