From the daily archives: Monday, March 14, 2016

He has his own wildly popular, long-running, jaw-dropping talk show where security on stage is standard practice. Even he admits his show is just crazy television, total entertainment.

So what former Mayor of Cincinnati turned television celebrity Jerry Springer has to say on politics is always funny and usually insightful. Springer was surrounded upon entering the Grand Battelle Ballroom in downtown Columbus, where he and 3,200 dinner guests would hear Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rouse the crowd to their campaign and caucuses.

Each hopes to win the Democratic Party […]

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After a dozen Republican TV debates and well over a hundred town hall meetings organized by Gov. John Kasich and his campaign staff, not one reporter or TV debate moderator has come remotely close to asking Kasich what he would have done differently than Ted Strickland had he been governor when the Great Recession ravaged the Buckeye State like it did nearly every other state in the nation?

“I gave Gov. Kasich a recovering economy,” Strickland said, responding to my question. “I believe more jobs were created in my last year than in either of his first two years in […]

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Ted Strickland took questions from reporters Sunday afternoon, ahead of the Ohio Democratic Party dinner and fundraiser that evening, just two days before Buckeyes vote on March 15. The former congressman and governor running to unseat Republican incumbent U.S Senator Rob Portman this fall, Mr. Strickland said the elections, in one form or another, will be about all three branches of government. The presidency and the U.S. Senate are at stake, as will be the composition of the Supreme Court if one party controls the first two.

The former governor who lost in 2010 by just two percent to John […]

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About a month ago, Gov. John Kasich joked, “I didn’t think we had a Democratic Party in Ohio.” If anyone looked to see if the governor was right by looking for coverage in Ohio media, the conclusion might be either it didn’t or that it wasn’t doing much.

Mid-afternoon on Sunday, a couple hours before 3,200 Democrats jammed into the Columbus Convention Center to attend the party’s big dinner and fundraiser, where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would address the crowd, Ohio Democratic Party [ODP] Chairman David Pepper showed ODP has more going on that daily newspapers or TV […]

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