From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When Gov. John Kasich’s advisers downplayed the idea that the term-limited CEO governor wants a brokered GOP convention to do what he couldn’t do in real primary contests, long-time Kasich watchers knew the opposite was true.

Now that Kasich’s chances to win the nomination outright by finishing first in primary races is slim to none, Camp Kasich knows the only card they have left to play is to somehow, some way pull off a coupe at a brokered convention in Cleveland in July. And some backroom deals are what John Kasich and friends are hoping for, as one provocative GOP […]

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More than any other news group, Plunderbund has covered the legal case against Camp Kasich, filed by the Libertarian Party of Ohio [LPO] who saw its candidate for governor two years ago tossed off the primary ballot through a scheme that involved long-time political operatives spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to find a protester who could challenge signatures on party petitions.

For all practical purposes, that fight is now over in light of an order released Monday by Franklin County Common Pleas Court Administrative Judge Patrick Sheeran, who dismissed an appeal by lawyers representing the LPO to a […]

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Mikayla Bodey was in downtown Columbus Sunday working on her future. She was among a platoon of volunteers who think helping Hillary Clinton win her party’s nomination this summer so she can be elected president this fall will help their futures, and the future of others whether they know it or not.

Working on the behalf of the Clinton campaign, and in advance of the fast-approaching Ohio primary on March 15, Mikayla Bodey, born and raised in rural Ohio where Republicans generally outnumber Democrats, wants to steer others into Hillary’s lane.

What volunteers for Clinton were doing today in Columbus […]

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If new polling showing Gov. John Kasich stuck in fourth place in Michigan among likely Republican voters isn’t enough to spoil his dinner, then a protest of his nominating petitions in his birth state of Pennsylvania is sure to give him agita.

One of the final five left out of the original pack of 17 Republicans running for president, John Kasich is again banking on a single state to save his bacon from a forced withdraw. Ohio’s term-limited governor has performed poorly with the exception of New Hampshire, where he had six months of advance time to warm up […]

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The game’s afoot in Ohio, once again. Over the coming days, Buckeyes are going to see a variety of news stories about a new campaign to legalize medicinal marijuana in our Great River state.

But Ohio Republicans might scuttle any attempt to get such an initiative in front of voters in November because it’s a U.S. Presidential Election year and they wouldn’t want such a ballot proposal driving undesirable demographics to the polls.

Here’s what’s going on:

Today, representatives from the national Marijuana Policy Project held a conference call with reporters from around the state about their initiative via Ohioans […]

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