Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been on a loosing streak of sorts recently after one former Republican candidate after another has chosen to endorse either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for president. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has snagged the most converts, although one big one for Trump was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Another bad moon rose for Mr. Kasich Wednesday when Wisconsin’s largest LGBT organization decided he wasn’t the candidate to get on-board with, but Hillary Clinton was. Who knew Gov. Kasich’s conservative message and less-than-stellar record on LGBT issues just wasn’t singing the siren song they wanted to hear.

Fair Wisconsin PAC, which endorsed Mrs. Clinton for President in next week’s Democratic primary, is the state’s largest organization dedicated to advancing and achieving equality for LGBT Wisconsinites. In a statement, the committee cited Clinton’s leadership, support of the LGBT community, and a history of working with Fair Wisconsin to advance equality, as the reasons for their endorsement.

“Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President,” said Nancy Nusbaum, Chair of Fair Wisconsin PAC. “Secretary Clinton has a distinguished record as a champion for LGBT equality on both the domestic and international stage, as Secretary of State and U.S. Senator. We are confident that she is the best candidate to continue and expand on the legacy of the Obama Administration as the most pro-fairness in history.”

Now the third Republican left out of 17 who started the race to take on Democrats in the General Election this fall, Mr. Kasich isn’t known for his pro-LGBT positions. In fact, all he can bring himself to say about the Supreme Court landmark decision making gay marriage the law of the land is that he “will accept it.” He can barely bring himself to advocate for civil unions, even though many of his inner circle of long-time friends and lobbyists are gay. Deep dark rumors about the governor’s sexuality have circulated for years, notwithstanding his two marriages and twin daughters.

Gov. Kasich, with the help of Attorney General Mike DeWine, also a Republican, did not like the court’s opinion and fought against it by filing appeals to prevent Jim Obergefell from securing a marriage licenses to same-sex partner from Ohio. Kasich and DeWine didn’t want to recognize a same-sex marriage validly performed in other jurisdiction that permits them like Maryland.

The endorsement by Fair Wisconsin PAC adds to Mrs. Clinton’s already strong support with prominent LGBT organizations and leaders, including U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay Senator in U.S. history, according to a media release citing her record in the U.S. Senate advocating for hate crime legislation, fighting for federal non-discrimination legislation to protect LGBT Americans in the workplace, and advocated for an end to restrictions that blocked LGBT Americans from adopting children.

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton moved LGBT rights abroad forward and enforced stronger anti-discrimination regulations within the department itself by using a global stage to declare that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

Gov. Kasich has no LGBT policy to point to at so comparing his to Clinton’s can’t be done. It’s not an exaggeration to say she has the most comprehensive, far-reaching LGBT policy agenda offered by any current or previous candidate for president.

So what will Hillary Clinton fight for that John Kasich, who thinks giving the world a hug is good enough, won’t fight for? For starters, she’ll fight for full federal equality for LGBT Americans. She’ll support LGBT youth, parents, and elders. She’ll honor the military service of LGBT people. She’ll secure affordable treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS. She’ll protect and advance transgender rights. She’ll promote human rights of LGBT people around the world.

In Gov. Kasich’s only two issue areas on his campaign Website that might possibly include a nod to the LGBT community, Respecting The Sanctity Of Life and Lifting Up The Most Vulnerable Americans, respectively, he ignores them. Not one word.

Gov. Kasich, running third in the delegate count behind Sen. Ted Cruz in second place and Donald Trump in first place, was campaigning in Wisconsin yesterday ahead of its April 5 primary. Meanwhile, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, an alter-ego to John Kasich if there ever was one, followed the lead of others and endorsed Sen. Cruz in the GOP presidential race. Walker said he based his decision on who was the only candidate who has a chance at beating league leader Donald Trump, and it wasn’t John Kasich. For Ohio’s governor, his dream of living on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. rests entirely on a brokered convention in Cleveland, where he plans to heist the nomination.

Maybe Gov. Kasich just hasn’t hugged enough lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender people at any of his now-famous town hall meetings. Maybe if he did, he’d think to talk about them. Even Clinton’s Democratic challenger, Bernie “Birdie” Sanders, has one. Unfortunately, his isn’t as thorough as Hillary’s is.