Gov. John Kasich has many problems to deal with, not the least among them is collapsing campaign cash following his only first-place finish after 32 GOP contests.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz raised what Kasich has collected over the entire course of his Quixotic quest in one month, the AP reported. Kasich finds himself one of three remaining Republican White House hopefuls but he only has about $1.3 million in available campaign cash as this month began, which is much less than the $8 million in cash that Cruz’s campaign had on hand as of the last day of February.

A second problem for Camp Kasich is lying his way forward without state or national media taking note of his fabrications. From his days in Congress to his time in the Ohio Statehouse, his claims on job creation, being called into the Pentagon after the 911 terrorist attacks and his peripheral role as a subordinate in balancing the federal budget under President Bill Clinton are ripe for the picking, except media can’t even pick this low-hanging fruit.

Conniving For Cleveland

His intentional duplicity was on display on who he would nominate to the Supreme Court—which wouldn’t be Merrick Garland as President Obama has done but probably Ohio Supreme Court Judge Judy French, who he appointed to the high court and who famously said at a GOP rally in 2014 that electing her would backstop decisions made by other Republicans.

“Whatever the governor does, whatever your state representative, your state senator does, whatever they do, we are the ones that will decide whether it is constitutional; we decide whether it’s lawful. We decide what it means, and we decide how to implement it in a given case,” Judge French said, adding, “So, forget all those other votes if you don’t keep the Ohio Supreme Court conservative,” French said.

More recently, like over the weekend, Ohio’s glib governor made his remarks notwithstanding his distant third-place rank among Republican candidates. His precarious position as the third GOP amigo explains why the 63-year old is plotting his triumphant resurrection to the nomination in Cleveland later this summer, since he couldn’t win it outright with enough delegates [1,237] in the field.

Plunderbund has given readers a front-row seat into the mind of Kasich, chief among his fabulous talking point of always being a reformer, but for whom he reforms is never mentioned. From last July when he declared himself a candidate for the White House until now, he’s managed with the help of a complacent, myopic media to hide his real record of bad governance by delivering hyped up homilies about hope and inspiration as his panacea for policies and program he and his brood of hard-right conservatives Republicans have proven, decade after decade, don’t work.

Salon, NYT Magazine Rain On Kasich Parade

The 63-year old governor knows this is his last hurrah, as he easily bats away lazy media questions centered on the political horse race. It’s rare that an article tries to unmask him for who he is, as this one at Salon tried to do.

Among the comments left was one state and national media should wake up to, since it blows the cover off Camp Kasich’s phony strategy to be positive about a very un-positive governing ideology that says government is bad and people depending on it are not being personally responsible.

“Kasich is indeed an extremist on a variety of issues both foreign and domestic. Worse yet, he is wedded to an ideological approach; de-regulate, lower taxes on the wealthy, free trade agreements, and the entire trickle down mantra of supply side economics that have failed so miserably at the state and local levels as well as globally. The Ohio recovery, the hall mark of the Kasich campaign (other than his self proclaimed compassionate conservatism) is an utter fraud. Family incomes in Ohio have fallen from 7th nationally in 2000 to 35th nationally as of last year. Over 800,000 children in Ohio qualify for the free breakfast and lunch program, and poverty within the state is on the rise. Kasich is simply a delusional relic of failed thinking that has infested the political scene for decades like seriously debilitating virus” one person commented.

Another piece, like this one by Robert Draper for New York Times Magazine, makes the case for why insiders who the auth0r spoke to “flatly reject a draft-Kasich movement.” Mr. Draper chose not to include his conversation with me about Camp Kasich banning me from covering the governor’s last State of the State homili over a year ago, but Draper isn’t alone as all other media has failed to take notice of his natural meanness camouflaged as strength.

Ohio’s term-limited governor will still be governor for another two years if he loses, but the normally prickly leader tried to sound nice on national TV, giving viewers another taste of his fabulous fabrications.

Would Kasich Pick Judy French For Supremes?

Appearing on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Kasich said Senate Republicans could meet with Merritt Garland, the judge President Obama has nominated to fill the vacancy on the high court created by the unexpected death of right-wing firebrand Antonin Scalia. “The senators can meet with this gentleman. And then maybe ultimately, if I’m president, which I think we have a good shot at being, maybe he’ll be under consideration for the Supreme Court. I don’t know.”

Off camera, John Kasich said he said what he said just to be polite. Camp Kasich set the record straight later. “In an effort to be polite today, apparently I’ve created a little bit of a situation,” Kasich said, according to reports. “Look … I’m going have my own picks for Supreme Court. You know, the fact is, I said that they ought to meet him and talk to him, and I’m not going to pick somebody who’s … obviously not a respecter of the Second Amendment. I don’t want people making law and so nobody should be confused, worked up or upset. He’s not going to be my pick for the Supreme Court.”

Media learned last Friday just how off his claim of creating jobs in Ohio is, when real job numbers were released showing Ohio is now 39 straight months into under-performing the national average. Last week, Gov.Strickland, who lost to citizen Kasich in 2010 by two percent, said he gave John Kasich a rising economy that included more jobs in his last budget than in either of Kasich’s first two years in office, even with the help of his unconstitutional privatized job group JobsOhio on the job.

Be A Moving Target, It Works Every Time

Gov. Kasich has learned to be a moving object, changing rhetoric as easily as a chameleon changes colors to go unnoticed in its new surroundings. On each issue of importance—Protect reproductive rights and women’s health care, guarantee equal rights to LGBT individuals, enact commonsense gun control, protections from climate change, fixing a broken immigration system, protect and expand our social safety net, passing laws that reduce the influence of big money on democracy, improve education systems, raise the minimum wage, pass family and paid sick leave, enact legislation to protect communities of color from abuse by the police and expand voting access—John Kasich has little to offer and even less to say.