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I received an email yesterday from Republican Bill Todd, former candidate for Columbus Mayor and lawyer for some of the Right’s worst actors.

Titled “Dinner Sunday with Zach Scott?”,  the email was an invitation to a fundraiser for a group trying to change the structure of Columbus City Council.

“I will be co-hosting this event with candidates Sheriff Zach Scott…,” writes Todd.  “This is a private event and space is limited so please let us know if you are able to attend.”

Zach Scott, a Democrat, is running in the non-partisan race for Columbus Mayor against fellow (endorsed) Democrat Andrew Ginther, current president […]

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Nina Turner’s hair is on fire. That’s an urgency metaphor.

She set the room on fire at the Athens County Democratic Party fall dinner Thursday night. That’s a metaphor about her ability to transfer her sense of political urgency and energy onto an audience.

As engagement chair for the Ohio Democratic Party, former state Sen. Turner is nothing if not engaging. I’ve covered these things for over a decade and while it wasn’t the first standing ovation I’ve seen, it was the first time I’ve heard party regulars unleash yelps, hoots and hollers of approval.

Why is Nina Turner so fired […]

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The free-for-all Wednesday night in Boulder, Colorado, also known as the third Republican presidential debate, soon turned into a cage match the ten White House hopefuls on stage didn’t want.  The same can not be said for the Media and viewers who tuned in instead of watching the second game of the World Series.

Every candidate had something to achieve. Jeb Bush needed to show his donor base he was worth their investment. Dr. Ben Carson had to show his new lead in recent polls is real. Donald Trump, now second in some polls, needed to again dominate the pack, just like […]

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Reporters heard first-hand Tuesday of one women’s emotional account of why she had to go to Chicago to terminate her pregnancy upon learning from medical professionals her baby would not live, and how Ohio abortion laws forced her to undertake the trip.

Batsheva Guy, who appeared today in Columbus through interactions with event organizers ProgressOhio and MajorityOhio through Facebook, said she and her husband were happy to be would-be first-time parents. But at 22 weeks gestation, doctors said to Guy that her baby would not live.

As a consequence of Ohio’s increasingly draconian abortion laws—passed by a Republican-dominated […]

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The heir to Ted Kennedy’s reputation as the “Liberal Lion” of the U.S. Senate stopped cutting bait Tuesday and started to fish.

Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s senior senator in Washington who ran and won in 2006 and again in 2012, endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for president Tuesday.

In a statement, Sen Brown said, “As Ohio’s working families continue to recover from the worst economic recession in our country’s history, we need a president who’s committed to growing our economy by lifting up the middle class.  From opposing unfair trade deals to fighting for a fair financial system, Hillary Clinton has […]

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“John Kasich said what many people have been thinking – enough is enough. It’s time for real, serious leadership in the race for President,” Gov. Kasich’s chief campaign strategist John Weaver told Camp Kasich supporters Wednesday. “Americans deserve more than what they’re getting from the so-called ‘front-runners.’ Leading the most powerful nation the world has ever seen is a sacred trust – not a reality TV show. Tonight in Boulder you’ll hear this message from John Kasich.”

On Tuesday afternoon in central Ohio, at another staged Kasich campaign event designed to grab headlines for the career politician to distinguish himself […]

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First it was “clown car,” the colorful, circus metaphor that aptly described the 17 or so Republicans running for president that included Ohio Gov John Kasich.

The GOP field has narrowed a bit over the months, with the departure of Rick Perry of Texas and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, as outsiders like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson out-distance veteran career politicos like Kasich and Jeb! Bush, among others.

Not Good: Dems Like Kasich

What could be more distressing for Gov. Kasich is that he leads the poll of who Democrats would support for the Republican nomination, Public Policy […]

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Will the defendant please rise?

For those who follow the frequent high crimes and misdemeanors generated by the charter school industry, we’ve heard those five words spoken much too often. In fact, there have been so many violations of the public trust by charter school operatives nationally that at least one aptly named website, Charter School Scandals, has been established to chronicle the misdeeds of school privatizers.

But apart from the voluminous information available about charter cardinal sins, a look at some closing remarks made by a defense attorney in a Franklin County Common Pleas courtroom last week […]

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You have to hand it to Fox News. It will always find a way to bring home the bacon.

In this instance, it’s really bacon. Rushing to shield the bacon and red meat industry from a report by the World Health Organization that these things aren’t that good for you, Dana Perino, Dubya’s former White House Press secretary, led her colleagues as co-host of “The Five” on a rip-roaring laugh-in as several chomped on bacon strips. Ha. Ha.

Perino is such a climate-change denier that she maintained the WHO report was a sinister plot to link global warming to consumption […]

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The word of the day Wednesday from was Kakistocracy. Defined as “government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power,” the elected officials of the Republican Party, in both Ohio and Washington, stand as good examples of that word in practice today.

Kakistocracy was on display Thursday in the special committee on Benghazi. Majority House Republicans—with special honors going to Ohio Congressman and former state wrestling champion Jim Jordan—did their best, or worst depending on their political persuasion and sense of decency, to dismember Hillary Clinton as the nation […]

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Continuing his extended vacation from being Governor of Ohio in order to run an expensive but flagging campaign to win over Republican presidential voters next year, Ohio’s 63-year-old state leader isn’t exactly wowing voters in New Hampshire or Iowa or any other state for that matter.

A new group of polls, some prominent and some not, show the Buckeye State’s term-limited chief executive, whose record of state achievements is nothing to brag about, show basic Kasich has many miles to go before voters warm up to the former Fox TV talk show host.

Kasich Works, Except Outside Ohio

Struggling with […]

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