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Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the issue of fracking on a political level is the absolute refusal on the part of elected representatives and public officials to listen to the concerns of the community in an open, public meeting.

It would seem to me to be the absolute least they could do. And yet, injection well after injection well is approved in Ohio with nobody of account willing to answer questions or hear out the opposition in a public forum. All avenues for redress of grievances are systematically closed. All letters of concern and scientific studies shared are summarily […]

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Leaks from the Trump National Convention program committee have been guardedly sent to me by my disgruntled GOP friend.

Read carefully to be well ahead off the curve:

House Speaker Paul Ryan will lead the delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance  as a reminder that he is strongly supporting a unified party.  He will then be sent directly  home.
Donald Trump  himself will give the keynote speech as the only worldly philosopher king in the hall.

Trump also will place his name in  nomination. “I do what I do,” he will tell the delegates.  “There is none […]

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Women won two more big victories from the Supreme Court this week when it allowed Washington state to require pharmacies to dispense Plan B or other emergency contraceptives and rejected appeals from Mississippi and Wisconsin seeking to put in place restrictions on abortion clinics that were struck down by lower courts.

One ruling rejected an appeal from pharmacists who said they have religious objections to providing the drugs while the second refused to hear appeals involving laws that would have forced doctors who perform abortions at clinics in the two states to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, the Full Story...

In a Tuesday conference call with reporters setup by press for Team Clinton, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown went to town on Donald Trump, ripping his record of outsourcing products to other countries when they could be made in America and even Ohio. Sen. Brown was joined by International President of the United Steelworkers Leo Gerard ahead of visits to Ohio and Pennsylvania by Donald Trump. The duo lambasted the Donald on his well-documented record of profiting at the expense of American workers even though he emphasizes on the campaign trail Made in America. Sen. Brown and Mr. Gerard are strong, uncompromising […]

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That’s the word used recently by the New York Times to describe the actions of Ohio Republicans to prevent some of the state’s citizens from voting in the upcoming presidential election.

The Paper of Record didn’t pull any punches in describing the behavior of Secretary of State Jon Husted and the Ohio General Assembly in cranking out legislation designed to suppress the vote. Neither did U.S. District Court Judge Algenon Marbley, who presided in the lawsuit which challenged some recent voting restrictions imposed by the legislature.

“Make no mistake: the court is deeply troubled by the flurry of […]

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GOP Convention Poster

On June 28, 2016 By

With the help of a disgruntled Republican mole, I was able to get a glimpse of the official Republican National Convention poster that will be making all of the talk shows in a few days.   It is Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’’s classic “The Scream”. It his expected out-sell  LeBron James T-shirts:


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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday scrubbed a Texas abortion law making the constitutional right harder, more dangerous and more expensive to reach.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 Monday in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt that the country’s most restrictive anti-abortion measure is unconstitutional.

The Lone Star state’s misguided law is reflected in laws in more than 20 other states including Ohio, where some of the most retrograde laws in the nation to an abortion reside.

Meanwhile, Michael Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said Ohio licensing requirements apply not only to abortion clinics but all surgical centers, including laser eye clinics, […]

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Two weeks ago Hillary Clinton was in Cleveland. Last week she was in Columbus. On Monday she was in Cincinnati, where Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a favorite of the Bernie or Bust crowd, tag teamed with the Democratic presumptive nominee to tattoo Donald Trump without mercy.

Sen. Warren’s name has been mentioned as a possible VP pick for Clinton, so it was significant that the Bay State senator helped Mrs. Clinton lay out the economic choice voters face in November between Democrats and Republicans, especially if Donald Trump is the GOP presidential pick. Appearing again in Ohio, a […]

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“Elizabeth Warren is smart to withhold her endorsement while the Democratic primary is still going on,” I remember telling family and friends often this spring. “No matter who wins, she’ll play a big part in bringing the party back together.”

Oy vey, I guess I still hope so. Perhaps I need to quit reading Internet comments sections. That’s where my faith in humanity goes to die. And dying it is, gargling over a swollen tongue as the public discourse transmogrifies into so much cantarella in my wine.

Here’s a taste of what we got from the World Wide Web on Monday […]

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Unhappiness burns in America, kindled by cynicism, stoked by boundless contempt, flaring out on all sides and in every direction. The flames leaping off the hot rock of hate have consumed the agora of our unhappy republic.

Is it because the economy’s exploded and people’s portfolios and pensions have been decimated? No. Is it because we are embroiled in an endless quagmire of foreign conflict and war? No. Is it because pestilence, disaster and famine have racked and wrecked our fair nation? None of those.

Americans are unhappy, divided, cynical, full of loathing, brothers and sisters, because of each other. And […]

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Plunderbund recently broke the news that ECOT, Ohio’s largest online charter school, “appears to have overcharged the state of Ohio for nearly 35 million dollars in the 2014-15 school year, one third of the school’s total funding for the year” by overstating its enrollment numbers.

A few days later we found out that House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger spoke at ECOT’s graduation ceremony this year, following a long list of prominent Republicans to fill that roll.

For example, John Kasich spoke at the 2011 ECOT graduation.  Republican Supreme Court Justice Terrence O’Donnell spoke in 2013.  In 2014, House Speaker Bill Batchelder spoke at the ECOT […]

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