From the daily archives: Monday, June 6, 2016

A media event held Monday in downtown Columbus featured a homelessness and housing leader, a public policy analyst and a senior Christian pastor. Each addressed the on-going issue of payday lenders and how their practices hurt Ohio individuals and families from their individual perspectives.

In 2008, Ohio voters overwhelmingly ratified a law reducing the maximum interest rate on payday loans from 391 percent to 28 percent APR. Defeated at the ballot box, payday lenders proceeded to end-run the vote by exploiting legal loopholes in order to skirt the rate cap and continue issuing usurious loans. Stopped from doing what they were […]

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After we posted yesterday about the significant enrollment anomalies at ECOT when compared to comparable-sized districts serving economically-disadvantaged students (plus one other large, wealthy district for comparison), one astute reader (see bottom of yesterday’s post) questioned why we were singling out the online charter school and questioned whether or not the use of one single tested grade (10th Grade OGT) was fair.

Good point, ecotPALS, and thank you for prompting us to give it all another look.  To be fair to ECOT, we’ve decided to post the number of tested students for the other state standardized tests […]

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