Hillary Clinton was in Cleveland on Monday, as she transitions from winning state primaries to get the Democratic nomination to winning the nation to become the first woman to be elected president this fall.

Mrs. Clinton has been declared the presumptive nominee for president for The Democratic Party, and with the last primary tomorrow, in Washington D.C., her nomination is all but assured when Democrats gather in late July in Philadelphia to nominate her to take on Republicans in the fall General Election. But for the tragic terrorist attack at an Orlando LGBT nightclub during this past weekend, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state could have talked about many other topics, from jobs and wages to healthcare, worker and women’s rights.

Orlando Clouds Darken Cleveland

But the cloud hanging over Cleveland came from Orlando, where the freshness of the worst single spree of mass human life at the hands of a lone wolf gunman overshadowed other more uplifting remarks. Hillary Clinton, who made her first trip to Ohio since winning most state primaries last Tuesday, was in Ohio where she’ll be back many times between now and the fall elections.

What Mrs. Clinton did discussed her nearly 30 minutes was her plan to respond to terrorist attacks like the one that took place in Orlando. “We must attack it with clear eyes, steady hands, unwavering determination and pride in our country and our values,” she said during her remarks.

Clinton has previously created a plan to defeat ISIS and other radical jihadist groups in the region and beyond. What she said in Cleveland today focused on three areas that demand urgent attention: working hand-in-hand with allies to dismantle the networks that move money, arms, propaganda and fighters around the world; hardening defenses at home and defending against lone wolves; and preventing radicalization and counter efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe.

“This is a moment when we all need to stand together,” she said to applause. “We will overcome the threats of terror and radicalization.”

Hillary Clinton’s refrain is based on the idea that strength comes from unity. She told the LGBT community has many millions of supporters. “And I am one of them,” she said, promising to “always have their back” as she simultaneously condemned Islamophobic rhetoric, without mention Donald Trump’s name specifically. “That is counter to our values and makes us less safe,” she said.

Ohio’s senior U.S. senator, Sherrod Brown, introduced Hillary Clinton. Sen. Brown has often mentioned as someone on Clinton’s shortlist of potential vice presidential picks. Sen. Brown, elected in 206 and again six years later, is a strong voice for workers and women’s rights, among others groups he cares passionately about, and if chosen would put Ohio in play in the fall in a good way for Democrats, who have won the state in the past two presidential cycles.

Sen. Brown said “our hearts are heavy” from the tragedy in Orland, but that “Ohio stands united with Orland and the LGBT community.” He too called for commonsense gun laws and it’s “past time to say ‘enough is enough.'”

Other officials at the event today include Ohio Congressman Marcia Fudge, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Dan T. Moore, founder of Team Wendy.

Watch Hillary Clinton’s remarks at the event held at the Cleveland Industrial Center