From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It’s a sign of the times about just how far south Donald Trump has tumbled since he became the GOP’s presumptive nominee for president in May, when a former Republican U.S. Senator Wednesday dumped the Donald for Hillary Clinton.

But that’s exactly what happened today when one-time South Dakota U.S. Senator Larry Pressler made his case for switching to Mrs. Clinton’s team, saying, “We need more gun control.”

The South Dakota Republican appears to be one of many who are ready to dump the Donald for Hillary, backing up results of a new Bloomberg Poll Wednesday showing the […]

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When the late George Voinovich entered the state and national political arena, he whimsically referred to his ethnic heritage by acknowledging that many people wanted to know whether he spoke English. He was, after all, a working class Collinwood Clevelander – a town where ethnicity was forever regarded as a loyalty oath. At any given moment, more than 10 nationality papers were circulating in the Old World east side neighborhoods with church steeples reflecting the identities of the worshippers. Voinovich – “Voino” to those who couldn’t quite pronounce it downstate – was very much nurtured by his Serbian Slovenian culture.


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The order from United States Court of Appeals Clerk Deborah S. Hunt was short and to the point: “Upon review of the plaintiffs-appellants’ motion for emergency relief pending appeal and/or to expedite briefing, it hereby is ORDERED that briefing in this appeal be expedited. The clerk is directed to enter a briefing schedule, with briefing to be completed by July 15, 2016.”

It was also sweet for plaintiff’s co-attorneys Mark Brown and Mark G. Kafantaris, who after first being rejected by the Ohio Elections Commission was then dismissed by two court judges—one Franklin County administrative judge and then one Federal […]

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When we view television coverage of a terrorist act in a distant location like a mass murder in an Orlando nightclub, the tragedy, though significant, is usually processed in our minds as a remote event, an abstraction in a sense. A text message arriving from a friend, however, can make what is abstract transform into something very concrete.

My friend’s text contained a link and informed me that one of the 49 innocent victims gunned down in Orlando by a domestic terrorist with an assault rifle was named Akyra Murray, and that she had just graduated on June 6 […]

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