We are gonna miss this guy.

The New York Times reported that Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan “blamed Democratic turnout in ‘urban areas’ for the loss by the Republican presidential ticket last week.  In particular, he said that “The surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”

Ryan specifically pointed to what he claimed was surprising turnout in urban areas in Virginia and Ohio.

Why was he surprised?  At least in Ohio, turnout in the major urban counties appears to have been lower than in 2008.

  • In Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Democratic votes decreased form 458,000 to 421,000.
  • In Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Democratic votes decreased from 225,000 to 219,000.
  • In Franklin County (Columbus), Democcatic vites decreased form 335,000 to 326,000.

So, no.  It wasn’t a bigger than expected turnout in urban areas that led to President Obama’s victory.  The problem for Ryan really was,  as we suggested earlier, that the Republicans seems to have hit a ceiling in the number of voters than can turn out.

And, as others have suggested,  Romney also lost predominately rural states like Iowa and New Hampshire.  This explains why Ryan, who likely still wants to run for President one day, is looking to shift the blame for the loss to someone else.

Maybe the truth is that people just rejected the perpetually truth-challenged Republican ticket.