Listening to Ken Blackwell on this morning’s Laura Ingraham show…

“Voter fraud is the worst crime against democracy” Blackwell says. “We owe it to our citizens and the integrity of our citizens … to make sure we are rooting out voter fraud. You don’t do that by letting the fox guard the hen house.”

It is really, really, really unbelievable that Ken fucking Blackwell – the guy who supressed tens of thousands of voters in Ohio’s 2004 elections – has the balls to go out there and talk about election fraud.

For the record Ken, voter supression is much, much worse than voter fraud.

While it certainly may be possible to steal one or two votes by turning in a false voter registration card- voter supression can disenfranchise thousands of people at a time and cause people to lose faith in the fairness of our election system.

But I guess if you are looking for an election fraud expert to appear on your show, Ken Blackwell is a good choice. This guy wrote the fucking book on stealing elections.

Just check out his long résumé

Moss v. Bush; Dismissed at request of plaintiff after certification of electoral votes

Beacon Journal Publishing Company, Inc. and Charlene Nevada v. J. Kenneth Blackwell and the Board of Elections; Ohio was ordered to permit reporters to enter polling places during the Fall 2004 election, notwithstanding ORS § 3501.35.(pdf)

Lucas County Democratic Party et al. v. Blackwell[37]

The Sandusky County Democratic Party v. J. Kenneth Blackwell; Blackwell was forced to pay nearly $65,000 in legal fees to the Sandusky County Democratic party.[38][39]

The League of Women Voters of Ohio et al v. Blackwell[40]

Miller et al v. Blackwell et al.[41]

Spencer v. Blackwell[42]

Summit County Democratic Central and Executive Committee et al. v. Blackwell et al.[43]

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. et al. v. Blackwell[44]

State of Ohio Ex Rel. Matthew Wolf, et al. v. Blackwell[45]

Sarah White v. J. Kenneth Blackwell and the Board of Elections of Lucas County, Ohio[46]

Nader et al v. Blackwell[47]

Schering v. Blackwell[48]

Ohio Democratic Party v. Blackwell; Upheld in federal appeals court in favor of Blackwell[48]

Anita Rios et al v. Blackwell[49]

State ex. rel David Yost et al v. National Voting Rights Institute et al[49]

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