From the daily archives: Saturday, October 18, 2008

The National Republican Trust PAC is about to start running an ad attacking Barack Obama for supporting legislation that might help states identify and track foreign individuals living and working in the U.S.

Oooh! Scary stuff.

The main problem with this ad is that immigration is NOT an issue in this campaign. Know why? Because Barack Obama and John McCain don’t disagree too much on the issue. And if the McCain campaign actually did bring it up they’d have to use John’s “new” immigration stance to maintain their support with the Republican base – which would alienate the […]

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It’s no secret that George Voinovich and John McCain have had some big disagreements in the past – most recently over Bush/McCain’s Iraq war policy.

So I guess it’s really no surprise that we haven’t seen ol’ George out stumping for McCain even though Ohio is again one of THE must-win states in this election.

And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time in the next two weeks either. George seems none-too-eager to jump on the McCain bandwagon. And why should he?

He’s going to start campaigning next year for the 2010 elections and the last […]

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So back in March when John McCain secured the GOP nomination for President, Kevin DeWine stated the race would center around “the basics of what this party was built on: lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal discipline, moral character, and ethical conduct”:

Fast forward to October. The Republican candidate is down in the polls and Kevin’s message has changed quite a bit. Now it is all about how “the Democrats are trying to rig the election”:

Why is Kevin DeWine throwing the basics out the window? Why is he not talking about taxes or smaller government? Why is he […]

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Once reviled by McCain himself as “hate calls”, now embraced as his last remaining strategy. The irony and hypocrisy are absolutely breathtaking. I hope the Obama campaign is able to expose this for the sleezy tactic it is. This is a good start:

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Jennifer Brunner on Rachel Maddow

On October 18, 2008 By

A victory for Ohio voters:

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