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Ann Coulter Finally Shuts Up?

On November 25, 2008 By

The NY Post reports that Ann Coulter has had her jaw wired shut.

Maybe there is something to this whole karma thing.

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More Obama Slogan Rip Offs

On November 24, 2008 By

Barack Obama really should have trade marked his ‘yes you can’ slogan to avoid having people like Roni Lynn Deutch abuse it like this…

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Billy Kimball seems to think so

President-Elect Barack Obama’s transition team is reported to be deeply divided over whether to offer a post to Monica Lewinsky, the former White House Intern whose intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment.

Until now, Lewinsky was one of the few high-profile figures from the Clinton Presidency who had not been recruited for the incoming Obama team. Mr. Clinton’s brother Roger is another, though on Friday there were rumors he would be named ambassador to Spain.

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Lance Armstrong’s New Drugs

On November 22, 2008 By

I was just over at Huffington Post and I saw this ad for some kind of “energy” pills supposedly used by Lance Armstrong

If I was Lance, I’d be trying to stay as far away from any kind of performance enhancing pills as possible.

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I know it’s a long time until 2012. But if this recent Gallup poll is any indication, the Republicans haven’t learned a damn thing from this year’s terrible loss.

67% would like to see Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012!

I guess she’ll have plenty of time over the next four years to go back and relearn all that stuff she seems to have forgotten from her high school government and civics classes.

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Sock Obama Racists Back In Action

On November 21, 2008 By

A loyal reader informed me today that the makers of the racist Obama sock monkey doll are back at it.

They are advertising their product using Google ads again. This one showed up in Google Mail:

In addition to the Obama Sock Monkey, they are also selling a John McCain doll.

Call me overly sensitive if you want, but a monkey doll named after a black man is racist no matter how many white monkey dolls you surround it with.

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It’s kind of funny looking back and seeing how different things were a year ago.

Hillary Clinton was still in the running for President. Marc Dann was still in office and being asked to apologize for his Jesus on Good Friday comments. But, funniest of all, Ohio’s righty bloggers were still trying to convince us that the economy was strong.

My favorite good economy evangelist has to be Tom Blumer over at BizzyBlog. Tom was so fucking wrong in almost every economic prediction he made last year that I am completely surprised he hasn’t shut the whole blog down and […]

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Yesterday’s news that McCain has narrowly captured Missouri’s electoral votes has broken a streak of Missouri picking the presidential election winner running back to 1956.

This means that Ohio – with a streak of picking the winner running back 12 elections (the last time we were wrong was 1960) – is the nation’s new bellwether.

Take that, Missouri.

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To defend Barack HUSSEIN Obama or Ayman al-Zawahri. With us or against us!

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Obama’s Diverse Appointments

On November 18, 2008 By

So I’m still not sold on Barack Obama’s choice of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. I’d much rather see him choose Bill Richardson. But either way, he’s doing a good job of keeping his appointments (or leaks of possible appointees) diverse.

In addition to his possible selection of a woman (or hispanic) for Secretary of State, he has chosen a Jew (Rahm Emanuel) for his Chief-of-Staff and leaks have revealed that he is considering Eric Holder, an African American, for Attorney General.

There does seem to be a pattern here.

I predict that his next pick will probably be […]

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I’ve been waiting a long time for the battle between the extreme social conservatives and the moderates in the Republican party to kick into high gear.

It looks like it may have just started here in Ohio with a fight between Dewine and some Catholic College Republicans.

Comments made by incoming Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine have outraged Republican Party leaders in Jefferson County, Ohio. At a press conference, DeWine claimed the Republican Party has lost its way because of issues like abortion and marriage and wants to abandon any focus on the issues.

“What DeWine doesn’t understand is […]

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