From the daily archives: Sunday, October 5, 2008

If the McCain camp thinks they are going to get away with this quick turn of the economy page, think again:

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Not that he needs the money, but when this whole president thing doesn’t work out for John McCain he might consider making a techno record


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So the Dispatch announced their new poll numbers today: Obama 49, McCain 42.

That’s a THIRTEEN POINT JUMP from their last poll which was weeks out of date weeks before it ever went to print.

The headline for this poll (Obama opens lead on McCain) is much tamer than the previous one (McCain leads Obama 48-42, Ohio poll finds). But I do have to give them credit for one thing: this poll ran on the front page above the fold. Which is better placement than the previous one.

Also, they included some man-in-the-street quotes from supporters of both […]

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Obama Smear Preemption Ad Out

On October 5, 2008 By

The preemption strategy I talked about last night now has an ad attached:

This strikes the right tone. It doesn’t appear too negative and It beat the McCain smear stuff that will happen on Tuesday. They even got it out a full day early.

Now when the attacks come, the message can be “see, we told you they were going to do these desperate personal attacks”.

Political Aikido. Arigatoo.

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