Is it just me or does “That One” sound a lot like the singular version of “Those People”?

  • Not at all! Assuming that is a racist comment.

  • I’m pretty sure he was only addressing the Obamessiah’s white half. Republicans are not allowed to question the policy positions of any Person of Color™ because any such criticism is by definition racist.

    I, for one, welcome our new socialist overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted conservative blogger, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground entitlement caves.

  • It’s demeaning, if not outright racist. Either way he could have called him Senator Obama.

    He’s digging his own electoral grave with the disrespect. Inability to look at Obama during debate one. Purposefully NOT shaking his hand in debate 2. Having a VP candidate hosting lynch mob rallies.

    Beginning of the end.

  • Paul

    At lunch, I listened to the first 1/2 hour of Rush Limbaugh.

    Apropos of very little, he refered to Obama as a squirrel.

    That puzzled me, I must admit.

  • I was listening to some right wing talk show the other day in the car and heard the host calling Obama a chicago street thug and an elitist (repeating the rove ‘guy at the club’ story) in the same breath.

  • MrHonesty

    I don’t think it was racist, or intended to be any sort of veiled racism – McCain is too smart for that. I’m pretty convinced McCain went to say “that guy”, stopped halfway through realizing it was too casual, and ended up accidentally saying “that one”. The epitome of stupidity, however, is the McCain campaign trying to pass of the remark as intentional and trying to turn it into a republican catchphrase.

  • Bob

    While on the subject let’s talk about McCains’ reference to Obama as “that one” over there. Years ago in the military I had a very racist roommate who referred to blacks among his friends with the N-word but in public they would often use the phrase “that one” the more PC term of the day. They used is even thought they knew their names. I always translated it to “that N-word”. To me it’s derogatory.

  • When in doubt, assume racism.

  • swade

    Alo Konsen……your representing the portion of our society that likes to turn a blind eye to the possibility that it was meant as a racist statement. The fact remains that we have had a lot of racism in this Country. And it has been a very slow process, in the erasing of the color lines….now if you choose to live in some “la la” land where you assume “everyone should just get over it”…..then you need to go back and read your history books “friend”……Get with it and realize this the “color lines” still exist…..when was the last time YOU had an person of “AFRICAN” decent over for dinner……???

  • So having people of any given ethnicity over for dinner is the way to inoculate myself from your accusation of racism?

  • Makes about as much sense as a fucking photoshopped certificate. Just sayin’…

  • Vanessa Grandberry

    As an 8 year resident of Seattle, I’ve learned that racism is multi-layered – there are varying degrees of racism. A white person can, have you over for dinner, date, sleep with, and do everything else with a person of color, and still be a racist.

    Some white people feel a black person is good enough to socialize with, but unsuitable for holding a position of authority.

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear the off-color comments John McCain and his staff make about Barack Obama.

    I have read, and I DO believe Sarah Palin made the “sambo” comment in reference to Obama. It’s a scary thought to me, but not a surprising one, that there are actually people who will vote for McCain and Palin.

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