From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I had to boost this comment on my Kos diary (cross posted Tim’s most excellent Palin/McCain rally):

Republicans will be forced to move to the center if they want to win. But they can’t do that because their base is crazy and will only elect the pro-crazy republicans…who in turn cant get elected except in the most conservative wingnut areas of the country. This forces the party establishment to do two things: work to transform their base into a more mainstream movement or they have to find a new base of support to get elected.

They are in […]

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LOL. Fellow prisoners indeed. Set us free Obama!

Is McCain losing it?

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Who the hell is Richard Duncan?

On October 8, 2008 By

Just going through my absentee ballot and there is a candidate listed without a party:

Richard Duncan. His running mate is Ricky Johnson.

Does anyone have any clue who these guys are and how they got on the ballot?

Alan Keyes didn’t even get on the Ohio ballot and he’s a relatively well know guy.


More info here

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Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted captured the breathtaking ignorance that presides over most McCain/Palin rallies. The base is in rare hate-filled form. Tim captures it like no other blogger in Ohio does. He’s simply the best there is at this. There really is no wonder the crowds have turned into near lynch mobs. Between the rhetoric of the two candidates and the ignorance of the crowds, it would only take the slightest match to set off this powder keg of racial intolerance and religious fear mongering.


Update: x-posted this over at Kos. Go recommend it […]

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Breaking out of Strongsville. Jim Trakas says Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich supporters are sinners and we need to pray for their souls.


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Getting some early reports from the field that the McCain event in Strongsville has been moved from an outdoor square to an indoor facility that may only hold a few hundred. Upset supporters are leaving. Developing…

Update: They moved to a gym claiming rain, though the rain stopped 3 hours ago. Crowd is estimated by police to be around 2,200. There is some overflow in the lobby area. Whitest crowd ever.

Update 2: High School band playing “Livin’ On A Prayer”. LOL. That’s a bad idea for a multitude of reasons. That or the band has a good sense of […]

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The Dispatch covered a couple of debate watching parties yesterday.

The Obama party was held at Studio 35. The debate was projected on to the big movie screen while excited Dems ate popcorn, drank beer and cheered on Barack.

The McCain “party” was held at some creepy religious chick’s house in Upper Arlington. It involved a lot of praying and a lot of anger…

At the McCain debate-watching party in Upper Arlington, just as Tom Brokaw appeared, host Marie Adamo quickly turned down the sound on the flat-screen television in her family room, next to a poster on “The […]

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“That One” Goes to 11

On October 8, 2008 By

Obama widens to his largest Gallup lead even after the Palin/McCain slime machine goes into high gear. “That one” goes to 11:

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Is it just me or does “That One” sound a lot like the singular version of “Those People”?

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