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Introducing Peter Feldman, Part 2

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One of the best ways to understand a person is through their role models.

And our introduction to Peter Feldman wouldn’t be complete unless we discussed some of his.

First up is John Bolton.

You may know recognize Mr. Walrus Mustache Bolton from his brief stint as US representative to the UN. Or maybe as one of the ‘rude’ and ‘undiplomatic’ neocon assholes who help get the U.S. into war in Iraq.

Or maybe you don’t recognize him at all. Doesn’t matter.

What’s important here is that Peter and Michael share two important traits.

First: […]

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I just saw this live on CNN – best interview of the week!

Another great example of what happens when interviewers actually follow up on their questions – especially with the “can you give me one example of …” question…

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More Dispatch GOP Bias?

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Sitting at breakfast this morning reading the Dispatch I noticed an article on the front page titled “Ohio’s tuition rise lowest”.

The article talks about the two-year tuition freeze at Ohio’s public colleges – a freeze proposed and fought for by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland.

I didn’t see any mention of Ted on the front page – but the second paragraph leads off with a quote from Republican Senate President Bill Harris.

So I hunted down the rest of the article inside the paper.

Not only does the article not mention Ted Strickland on the front page – it […]

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Don Elijah Eckhart, the other guy running for Congress in Ohio’s 15th district, gave Mary Jo Kilroy an endorsement this morning on WOSU.

I only caught the end of the show, which had Mary Jo Kilroy, Steve Stivers and Eckhart answering questions from callers. But I’m confident I tuned in to the best part.

One of the last callers was some rude pro-life guy who asked Eckhart why he should vote for him – insisting that such a vote would most likely help elect the “pro-abortion candidate” Mary Jo Kilroy.

Eckhart had a really surprising answer.

After discussing the importance […]

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