From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anti-Acorn moron in a squirrel suit tries to interrupt Governor Strickland while he’s speaking on the statehouse steps today.

Squirrel tries to be cute. Highway Patrolman doesn’t find it funny. I really wanted to see them arrest and handcuff the squirrel. Maybe next time.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a costume for some predator that eats squirrels and then hunting this guy down at some political event.

Maybe a wolf…

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This is really funny:

But um…I banked mine:

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“Fox Alert” Text Message

On October 22, 2008 By

I got a text message with the subject “Fox Alert” this morning.

Here’s the text…

Know the facts: Call 641-715-3900
Then please fwd this 2 your phonebook they need 2 know.
You will Lose your freedoms this November 4th if you don’t know!!!

Of course I called them right away. And the important information that I needed to (sorry, 2) know immediately was … wait for it … Obama associates with terrorists. Specifically, Bill Ayers.

That’s for the update, fucktards.

Here is the audio

note: the delay was included in the actual message.

It went […]

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