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Ohio, We Have A Problem

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Gov. Kasich’s boorish behavior during his so-called appearance before an editorial board collection from the Plain Dealer and NEO Media Group emphasized once again that his ego has placed strict limits on even mildly deferring to the media and his political opponents. He likes his own rigid vision of governance in an open society.

Sort of name, rank and serial number. He even felt it was unworthy of his unique status to return a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland as he slouches toward Election Day.

From video clips, I caught a few glimpses of his […]

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After four years of John Kasich’s programs and policies as Governor of Ohio, more Ohioans are hungry today than they were before the Kasich Administration took control of the gears of government. According to a report released Thursday by the The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, more than one in six Ohioans is struggling to get food on the table.

About 2 million Ohioans – or 17 percent – receive food assistance through the state’s emergency food network, a steep increase from the 1 in 8 Ohioans who were receiving emergency food in 2010, when Ohio was roaring to recovery under […]

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You never know what you’ll find when you open up your letterbox tomorrow…

Today, for example, we found a letter from the Northeast Ohio Media Group, AKA the Cleveland Plain Dealer, again insisting we take down a short video clip from NEO Media Group’s editorial interview with John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald.   The entire video had originally been posted online, but was mysteriously and abruptly taken down.  NEO Media Group has so far provided no information as to why the video was removed.

Like the email we received earlier this week, the letter was sent by Chris Quinn, […]

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In 2011, in the heart of the Governor Kasich’s first tumultuous year in office, I wrote an article titled “Republican teachers are now extinct“.  I took a look back at that article in this past week as we are leading up to the election that we’ve been looking forward to remembering since that time and found that my words ring true even more today than they did back then.  As we enter the final days of the Kasich Administration’s ominous reign over Ohio, I want to once again urge my “Republican” family and friends (yes, I’m talking to […]

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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French generally had a great reputation before joining the Ohio bench.  Now, that reputation is in tatters.

French is one of the sitting Ohio Supreme Court justices seeking another term.  She has received significant support from outside conservative groups.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that French has been touting her activist conservative credentials recently.  She told a Republican group in Powell

“Whatever the governor does, whatever your state representative, your state senator does, whatever they do, we are the ones that will decide whether it is constitutional, we decide whether it’s lawful. We decide what it […]

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Can we talk?

As some of you surely know, much of my professional career plunged me into the printed word – newspapers, magazines, books, some crabby letters to editors and now the digital offspring, blogs.  I say this only because some of you may be wondering why I’ve been picking on newspapers so much during this dreadful election year for which they must accept some of the responsibility for its odor.

I do want to say that the decline of newspapers, which is now past the point of no return, gives me no joy. Still too much printer’s ink in […]

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One potential 2016 presidential ticket combination will be on display in Columbus again this Saturday when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joins John Kasich for a” Victory Rally in Franklin County.”  Kasich and Christie will be joined by other statewide leaders as part of the “Ohio Works Bus Tour.  Christie, whose part-time job is to head the Republican Governors’ Association and help elect Republican candidates, will be on stage with Kasich in Columbus just three days before Election Day.

Christie came to Ohio in 2010 and proclaimed his love for John Kasich. He renewed his betrothal to Kasich again this year, hoping to help Kasich […]

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The Northeast Ohio Media Group and the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland put together a voter survey this year, sending questionnaires to each campaign and posting the responses for each race on their website.   The candidate questionnaires for Ohio Governor covered topics including taxes, same-sex marriage, gun laws, right-to-work and job growth.   The FitzGerald campaign used the opportunity to share Ed’s views with the voters.  The Kasich campaign refused to answer the questionnaire.

For example, when candidates were asked if Ohio should “become a right-to-work state,” FitzGerald answered “Absolutely not.”  “Kasich’s signature “right to work” legislation, SB 5, would have […]

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John Kasich donned his Halloween costume as a champion for Ohio women several weeks ago when he started running campaign ads that tell us that he is the “right prescription for Ohio women.” But who is the real John Kasich under that carefully crafted mask?

John Kasich is the most anti-choice Ohio governor since Roe v. Wade  in 1973. He has enacted 11 measures that interfere with access to abortion, contraception, and even information for rape survivors. With that sort of record, no wonder he has to pay for campaign ads to say nice things said about his record on […]

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Yesterday the Cleveland Plain Dealer/Northeast Ohio Media Group removed a video they had previously published online. The video showed the paper’s 40+ minute joint editorial board interview with Kasich, FitzGerald and Green Party Candidate Anita Rios. In the video, we got to see FitzGerald fired-up and on message while Kasich slumped in his chair, refused to acknowledge the other candidates and ignored repeated attempts by PD staff to answer even basic questions about his policies and programs.

We felt the video was important and so, after they removed it, we posted a short clip of it online. Today we […]

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Republican strategists reportedly are ecstatic over their new fail-safe response to critics of the party’s climate-change deniers. Their candidates have now resorted to “I’m not a scientist” to shrug off questions about their dismissal of environmental issues.

We can now look for the same pattern of self-denials on other issues as their gang backs away from such delicate matters as ebola. Chris Christie, who is coming to Ohio to campaign for his buddy John Kasich as the comic relief, is already dodging a flap over quarantining ebola victims. “I’m not a doctor,” he booms. Atty Gen Mike DeWine might choose […]

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