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Ohio, We Have A Problem

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Gov. Kasich’s boorish behavior during his so-called appearance before an editorial board collection from the Plain Dealer and NEO Media Group emphasized once again that his ego has placed strict limits on even mildly deferring to the media and his political opponents. He likes his own rigid vision of governance in an open society.

Sort of name, rank and serial number. He even felt it was unworthy of his unique status to return a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland as he slouches toward Election Day.

From video clips, I caught a few glimpses of his […]

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After four years of John Kasich’s programs and policies as Governor of Ohio, more Ohioans are hungry today than they were before the Kasich Administration took control of the gears of government. According to a report released Thursday by the The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, more than one in six Ohioans is struggling to get food on the table.

About 2 million Ohioans – or 17 percent – receive food assistance through the state’s emergency food network, a steep increase from the 1 in 8 Ohioans who were receiving emergency food in 2010, when Ohio was roaring to recovery under […]

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You never know what you’ll find when you open up your letterbox tomorrow…

Today, for example, we found a letter from the Northeast Ohio Media Group, AKA the Cleveland Plain Dealer, again insisting we take down a short video clip from NEO Media Group’s editorial interview with John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald.   The entire video had originally been posted online, but was mysteriously and abruptly taken down.  NEO Media Group has so far provided no information as to why the video was removed.

Like the email we received earlier this week, the letter was sent by Chris Quinn, […]

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