After four years of John Kasich’s programs and policies as Governor of Ohio, more Ohioans are hungry today than they were before the Kasich Administration took control of the gears of government. According to a report released Thursday by the The Ohio Association of Foodbanks, more than one in six Ohioans is struggling to get food on the table.

About 2 million Ohioans – or 17 percent – receive food assistance through the state’s emergency food network, a steep increase from the 1 in 8 Ohioans who were receiving emergency food in 2010, when Ohio was roaring to recovery under former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland.

Unreliable access to affordable and nutritious food was cited in the report as a common circumstance. Sadly, 81 percent of respondents said they purchased cheap and unhealthy items to help themselves cope. And a remedy to address the rising demand of people trying to meet their and their families’ nutrition needs on poverty wages? How about asking the Kasich Administration to add another $20 million per year in the state’s next two-year budget?

Gov. John Kasich expects to clinch a second term next Tuesday and in the final push to Election Day on Nov. 4, the Kasich-Taylor Campaign is airing a TV ad that shows the governor, Mr. casual Friday, promising that the best has yet to come. He even promises to “uplift” everyone, no matter their circumstance. “His entire career has been about making a difference,” his campaign website says about why he does what he does. Kasich said he “had a calling” to return to politics and that he’s good at creating jobs.

When more people are “struggling to get food on the table” and are poor enough that “cheap and unhealthy” food items are all they can afford, all that “uplifting” the messiah of reform is promising everyone appears to be a day late and  a dollar short. Let the uplifting begin already, but don’t hold your breath. Mr. Casual Fridays, who is cryptically prognosticating that the “the best has yet to come,” has taken Ohio from out performing the national average 23 straight months of under performing it.

More people are hungry now than before, in part, because Ohio under Gov. Kasich now ranks 45th out of 50 states over the last 12 months in creating jobs. And the jobs created on his watch are low-paying, not living wage jobs. Gov. Kasich believes he can say things will be better and they will be. But for hungry Ohioans who aren’t eating well and eat unhealthy when they do, Gov. Kasich ought to reevaluate all his uplifting so more people wont’ be forced to need uplifting in his second and, many hope, final term.

The data in the report is part of Feeding America’s national report on hunger.