From the daily archives: Friday, October 10, 2014

The Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) agreed to contract terms with the school board yesterday after conceding significant amounts in compensation, but breaking through on getting class size “caps” into the contract.  The “caps” aren’t exactly great, but they now exist and can be bargained more in the future.  The inclusion of these “soft caps” also puts the onus on Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning to put “her money where her mouth is” and ensure that class sizes are managed appropriately and parents’ concerns are heard.

Speaking of money . . . Thomas-Manning got in one final shot at the teachers today […]

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As voting begins, think back to December 2010:  Ohio was a national leader in advanced and cleaner energy. Despite heavy dependence on coal to generate electricity, Ohio was enacting a strong renewable energy standard for our public electric utilities.  We had also included a standard for advanced cleaner technologies that were not renewable. We were beginning to implement one of the most aggressive energy efficiency standards in the country.

Ohio had an energy policy to create the 21st century clean energy economy right here. It would be built on the strengths of Ohio’s workers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and researchers. We began […]

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Voters who place a premium on education, and want to support candidates who champion education, have a new tool:

The site allows Ohio voters to enter their address, then receive a customized sample ballot showing which candidates have been recommended by their local educators as “Champions of Public Education.” If the sample ballot only shows statewide candidates, but not any legislative or state school board contenders, that means there are no down-ballot candidates who have been recommended.  The website has been paid for by the Ohio Education Association.

OEA Executive Director Sheryl Mathis said the group views the website […]

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You would think that voters in Ohio and elsewhere might actually be getting excited about voting with just 26 days until Election Day. But sadly, you would be wrong, if results from a Gallup poll of 1,252 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia are reliable. And there’s no reason to conclude they’re not.

Turnout in the midterm elections this fall could be lower than in the past two midterm elections, based on current voter engagement, Gallup reported Wednesday. On each of three indicators of voter engagement in midterm elections—how […]

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