From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ever since Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine put on his reelection campaign game face, he’s been drifting across the masses like a UFO with the best wishes of a forgiving press and a looming Republican year at the polls.

Now you see him, now you don’t. He prefers to cast his attention to his other interests that gives him a Deep South spiritual coating as a social conservative – nay, as a blessed Medievalist opposed to abortion, same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage, defending Hobby Lobby, opposing gun control and above all, the Affordable Care Act. On that point, he has […]

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In today’s editorial titled “A wrongful narrowing of minority voting rights,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer took the U.S. Supreme Court to task for blocking a federal court decision that would have restored extended voting hours in this November’s election.  The editorial board called the decision “Highly disappointing, even grotesque” noting that the Supreme Court was “effectively overriding efforts by federal court judges in Ohio to ensure that the voting rights of minority and low-income voters are not unlawfully and unconstitutionally abridged.”

As the PD correctly observed, Ohio Republicans, especially SOS John Husted and AG Mike DeWine, have been working tirelessly […]

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Two of America’s most famous financial phrases—”show me the money” and “follow the money”—are central to the launch Tuesday of a new website titled “” that will offer publicly available information on charter school funding that’s been gathered and sorted into a form anyone can now see at the speed of a keystroke. Announced today at the Ohio Statehouse by Innovation Ohio and the Ohio Education Association, the new website reveals for the first time a detailed comparison of charter and traditional public schools.

Speaking at a press conference today at the Capital, group leaders promoted it as an […]

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