From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chuck Todd, the NBC news pundit, has added his spin to red state-blue state America, dividing us  into  “Starbucks Drinkers” and “Chick-Fil-A  eaters.

Well, now.  As anyone who frequently lines up at the Starbucks  counter at a mall, it’s only natural to want to learn more about how Todd’s yin and yang shakes out to  represent  Americans.    According to Talking Points Memo, Todd classified states llke Montana as Chick-Fil-A Eaters. But there are  no Chick-Fil-A-Eateries in the Big Sky Country.  On the other  hand it is the home of a dozen Starbucks places.

If you looked hard enough from […]

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Yesterday the World Health Organization announced new Ebola cases could soon hit 10,000 per week in Africa.  Closer to home, we found out today that an Ebola-infected individual visited Cleveland on a Frontier Airlines flight a few days ago.

Mike DeWine’s campaign manager D.J. Eckert, clearly amused by the news of rising death tolls in Africa and Ebola in Ohio, sent out a Tweet attempting to mock David Pepper for his extensive plan to combat the growing heroin crisis in Ohio:

Ohio’s heroin crisis has become an issue during the race for Attorney General with Pepper accusing DeWine of […]

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Remember John Charlton? He’s the spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education who got in hot water after a twitter spat with a charter school critic whom he told to “get laid.’’

The tweet was in bad taste for lots of reasons, particularly the controversy centering on teachers who told the state school board that kids as young as 6th grade were caught on surveillance video having oral sex at a school function —  but officials from the Horizon Science Academy of Dayton didn’t tell parents about the incident.

Eleven. That’s how old you are in 6th grade. […]

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Maybe John Kasich learned from his Bible studies that God created Man in His image first, then fashioned women as an afterthought from a rib bone. Guess he had one to spare. Whatever his psychological shortcomings, and there are many, Gov. Kasich seems to have it out for today’s collective uteri.   His latest TV ad is an attempt to convince Ohio’s women otherwise.

As a general rule, Kasich surrounds himself with men, as he did when he signed the biggest budget bill in Ohio history, a bill that severely limited women’s reproductive access.  Other examples of Kasich’s disrespect for women can be found […]

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You have to hand it to Ohio’s first-term Tea Party governor, John Kasich. He does what he wants, including not responding to questions asked of him by various groups, including a few of the state’s easily manipulated newspapers. Demonstrating for all to see what a political coward he is, he’s tossed election traditions like debating his challenger into the trash by refusing, even once, to stand on stage with his Democratic challenger.

Kasich has used Ed FitzGerald’s cratering campaign to duck out of debating the Cuyahoga County Executive, who has ample evidence to show that the Westerville Wizard’s policies have […]

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As Ohio Gov. John Kasich ignores the re-election bid in front of him, condescending to all Ohioans that he’s simply entitled to another term in office with no debate and no substantive discussion of his record, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is smelling opportunity.

This is because Kasich is openly bucking for a position on the 2016 GOP Presidential ticket by peddling the worst idea in American politics—a balanced budget amendment. He is making appearances with national Republican personalities, and winking at profiles speculating on the stress grade of his presidential timber (never mind the termites). And […]

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