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VIDEO: John Kasich – Teamwork?

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John Kasich’s latest campaign ad is titled “Teamwork“.  This November, Ohio’s workers have a chance to show the Governor what REAL Teamwork looks like in Ohio . . . again.



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When somebody mentions that John Kasich wants to cut the income tax rate, let’s try to remember that a more forthright governor, Democrat Jack Gilligan, daringly laid a new income tax at the wallet of every Ohio voter.

“If you don’t want an income tax,” Gilligan warned during his 1970 campaign, “vote for the other guy.” He won anyway, defeating Roger Cloud, and forcefully promoted the 1971 measure that earned him the title of “Father of the Ohio Income Tax”. The voters upheld the tax in a 1972 referendum, proving there are things that concern them more than Republican guff […]

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