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One doesn’t need more than a couple minutes with Nina Turner to understand why she is one of the Ohio Democratic Party’s brightest rising stars.

Her dynamic speaking style grabs any listener almost instantly, pulls you close, on a human level. She’s relatable. She’s got Cleveland, Ohio, in the marrow of her bones. It spices her sensibilities, trickles through her speech. She has no truck with pretension.

The oldest of seven children, Turner embraces leadership roles, not shying from speaking out and speaking up. She likes language and tosses around motivational flourishes: “Teamwork to make the dream work,” she’ll […]

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“Whether we vote 35 or 28 days, by mail or in person this November, elected officials and not federal judges should be making Ohio law.” –Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

As soon as I read this statement issued by current Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, I couldn’t get the Talking Heads song, “Once in a Lifetime,” out of my head. “How did I get here – same as it ever was – letting the days go by, letting the water hold me down . . .” He once asked me if I missed “this office,” to which […]

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The arrival of October not only offers us the annual radiance of autumnal colors but also,unfortunately, the dismal folly of another newspaper editorial endorsement season. The candidate interviews have been held, the editorial boards have met and now we can sit back in wonderment at how the corporate media are prepared to lead the voter into their secure grasp.

As the years passed, the media not only lost readers but also credibility; Editorial support is now a lesser matter of influence than a fading obligation. Sort of like trying to lead a horse to water with fewer and fewer horses […]

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Thousands of campaign ads will run on behalf of Ohio Gov. John Kasich this year trumpeting the foggy but alluringly false slogan that “Kasich works.” Who he works for is pretty clear, and it’s not for the average Ohioan. With RGA Chairman and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie campaigning for Kasich in Ohio on Monday, it would be nice if some reporter asked the duo why both states are among the bottom 15 worst performing states for job growth. According to the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University’s state ranking list, the Garden State is 48th compared to the […]

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Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey and Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, will be romancing Ohio’s RGA-designated “comeback” Gov. John Kasich Monday in Independence, site of an early vote rally.

You may remember Christie as the guy who closed down the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey to New York City to spite the Mayor of Fort Lee, NJ for not endorsing him in his last election.   Christie had sought endorsements from Democrats to show a national audience in 2016 that he’s a moderate even Democrats can endorse.  Before he touches down in the Buckeye State, he’ll […]

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It’s not every day that a major newspaper penalizes a county candidate because he is a “good Democratic soldier close to the Ohio Democratic Party’s fiercely partisan leader, Chris Redfern.” Really? Yep. It’s one of the demerits the Plain Dealer hauled out to endorse Republican Jack Schron for Cuyahoga County executive against Armond Budish the ex-speaker and minority leader in the Ohio General Assembly.

Excuse me, but we always thought that party leaders were supposed to be, um, fiercely partisan. Besides, has the person who wrote this lore about partisanship seen any of Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges’s press […]

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The Reynoldsburg School Board and Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) met today with a federal mediator for the first negotiating session in just over a week.  Sadly, the school board did not show up with any negotiating in mind.

REA Co-President Kim Cooper released the following update about today’s meeting:

“We were as unsurprised as we were disappointed that the Board did not come to today’s meeting with an honest attempt to make any progress and end this strike. The Board refused to address movement on any of the issues. This strike is about the future of public education and what […]

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Over the last couple of weeks, numerous newspapers across Ohio have run stories that have questioned the worth of the state’s new grade-based report cards for school districts.  A soon-to-be-released report by Dr. Howard Fleeter of the Education Tax Policy Institute created much of the buzz as he compared a school district’s Performance Index (PI) Score with the district’s level of student poverty.

Nolan Rosenkrans of the Toledo Blade explains this connection between a district’s PI Score and level of poverty in a very accessible way:

The simplest way to show combined student performance within a school district is […]

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Those who are uninformed about the teachers’ strike in Reynoldsburg still assume the work stoppage is taking place because the teachers are holding out for more money (it’s not about the money).  Even if it was about increasing teacher pay, we could make the case that the teachers have a point.

In 2011, previous Reynoldsburg Superintendent Steve Dackin was a finalist for the State Superintendent position.  He had been leading the school district for 6 years at the time and had a base salary of $120,146.  The Reynoldsburg School Board, led by current President Andrew Swope, afraid of losing Dackin […]

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The Guardian is reporting (here) that the officer involved in the recent Beavercreek WalMart shooting had received active shooter training a week before the incident.   What they don’t mention is that the team conducting the training, the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA), is part of Mike DeWine’s Ohio Attorney General’s office.  Despite having this and other conflicts of interest, Mr. DeWine continued to play an active role in the case until the end, causing some to question the validity of the results.

According to the Guardian, the officer involved in the shooting was part of a class that was “shown a slideshow […]

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I never know whether to take a Columbus Dispatch editorial endorsement seriously. That’s especially true after it awarded John Kasich the Gubernatorial Medal of Honor without a hint about his imperfect tenure as a leading force in the Political/Industrial/Crony Complex.

Not a word about his anti-union sentiments, or his allies (think:Mark Kvamme) who raked in millions of dollars in the glow of his office, nor his claim to lead Ohio out of the Bush recession poverty without telling us that the state ranks 41st in economic growth since he took office, nor that he opposed the Obama administration’s stimulus package […]

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