From the daily archives: Friday, September 5, 2014

This morning we wrote about an upcoming fundraising luncheon hosted by the Franklin County Republican Party.  The event was supposed to feature Columbus Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison and other members of the Dispatch staff.

Around 2PM this afternoon we received a Tweet from media blogger Jim Romenesko linking to his post about the luncheon.  Romenesko contacted Marrison and was told that the event had been cancelled.

We confirmed the cancellation with Mr. Marrison this evening.  He provided us this statement:

As of this morning, we are not participating in the panel. For context, The Dispatch like most newspapers has a long […]

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Joe Vardon, the Dispatch reporter who has dutifully recorded every step of Gov Kasich at home and abroad, has joined the Plain Dealer’s Northeast Ohio Media Group staff. His new beat: basketball icon LeBron James. Honest.

It may be a first in professional sports. I mean, a reporter who will live and breathe in his night-and-day job for one athlete.

The PD reported that Vardon will “pay attention to James’ basketball exploits, but he will also cover James’ business empire, charitable work and mentoring of youth.”

But maybe the career move isn’t as dramatic as it seems, inasmuch as Vardon […]

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U.S. Rep. David Joyce, R- Geauga County, wants us to drill. Baby, he wants us to drill and not stop drilling. He wants us to drill now, drill deep, and drill hard. Then when we are done drilling, David Joyce wants us to drill some more.

David Joyce has the answer to all of America’s problems, and if you haven’t guessed by now, it has to do with drilling. He’s raised his oily hands in praise of the drilling gods.

In a recently posted YouTube video dating from Aug. 18, Joyce is seen giving a speech advocating his cutting-edge, […]

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This is big.

Federal judge Peter C. Economus issued a preliminary injunction blocking Republican changes to Ohio’s early voting. Read the coverage from the New York Times:

The case involved two main issues.  First, early voting during evenings and on at least two Sundays before the election, and the so-called “Golden Week,” when a person could register and vote on the same day.

A copy of the opinion will be available below.

The Judge found that the revised voting schedule unconstitutionally burdened the right to vote of African Americans, lower income individuals, and the homeless.  The judge noted that […]

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The Athletic Club of Columbus is a popular forum for political events in Central Ohio.  They often host debates, discussions and even fundraisers.   For the past few years, the Franklin County Republican Party has held regular Quarterly Leadership Luncheons at the club featuring local reporters and editors from the Columbus Dispatch.

In 2010, the luncheon featured “a panel from the Columbus Dispatch” that promised “a look at the current political landscape and 2010 races,” according to the event’s invitation. Potential attendees were informed that proceeds would “directly support the Franklin County Republican Party.” The cost of attending was $50.00 and checks were to […]

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