From the daily archives: Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Ohio Department of Education released the state test results Friday, so we feel obliged to tell you that once again, Ohio’s public school districts significantly outperformed their charter school “competitors”.  We’re growing tired of beating this dead horse…

We’ll be breaking down the numbers in more detail in the coming weeks, but here are some lowlights:

Of the 3,274 school buildings that received a Performance Index Score (a composite of standardized test performance), 228 of the 281 charter schools ranked in the bottom 25%.  To explain that another way, 81% of Ohio’s rated charter schools that fell in the […]

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As the go-go CEO-style Governor Kasich sells his nearly four years in office as reason to reelect him, evidence exist to question whether he’s the turnaround leader he and his team claim he is. Proof that his job creation machine isn’t creating jobs at anything close to the pace Ted Strickland created jobs in his final year in office, after he took the worst the Great Recession could dish out and captained the state to recovery, is available to any interested voter who takes the time to plow through the Monthly Financial Report [MRP] state’s budget director Tim Keen delivers […]

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