It’s not every day that a major newspaper penalizes a county candidate because he is a “good Democratic soldier close to the Ohio Democratic Party’s fiercely partisan leader, Chris Redfern.” Really? Yep. It’s one of the demerits the Plain Dealer hauled out to endorse Republican Jack Schron for Cuyahoga County executive against Armond Budish the ex-speaker and minority leader in the Ohio General Assembly.

Excuse me, but we always thought that party leaders were supposed to be, um, fiercely partisan. Besides, has the person who wrote this lore about partisanship seen any of Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges’s press releases? This is the fellow who was hand-picked by his ally, Gov. John Kasich, when Kevin DeWine was forced out to settle once and for all the issue that Kasich was the party boss, not the chairman. It was a beginning for the alleged Ohio Miracle.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first mention of Armond Budish or the county executive race on this blog in 2014?

  • mrgavel

    Here’s the problem:The PD editorial staff has had it out for Redfern ever since the incident with him and Larkin’s wife during the whole SB 5 controversy. They want Redfern gone and they are going to try and pressure the Dems into getting rid of him as Chair. Now, given the fact that under Redfern’s chairmanship the Dems will probably have lost six state wide races in 2010 and five state wide races in 2014, there is an argument that Redfern is not doing a very good job and so maybe should be replaced. The point is, though, that the PD editorial staff will do what it can do to bring that about.

  • They thought it was in the bag and now feel like they may be in trouble.

  • anastasjoy

    This was highly predictable. The whole object of passing the county charter was to place the largest Democratic county in Ohio in Republican hands and destroy Democratic presence in the state for decades to come. They failed the first time out and got Ed FitzGerald. One of my theories abut why they have savaged Ed and destroyed him over basically nothing is that they’re still pissed about their little plan being foiled. Now imagine a 2016 presidential election under county executive Jack Schron, working hand in hand to make sure voting is as difficult as possible the closer you get to city core. Of the three Republicans on county council is by far the furthest right — the only member of county council to vote to support SB 5 rather than its repeal, as did the other two Republicans. His election would be a nightmare for the county because it is a grotesque mismatch for the citizenry. I cannot wait for the PD to fold or just become a full-time sports blog, which is what they seem to want to be anyway.

  • anastasjoy

    Precisely. Just like they dug in the sewer to fund an anchor to sink a decent man — and an excellent county executive and potential governor — like Ed FitzGerald.

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