From the daily archives: Monday, September 22, 2014

There’s plenty of money to be made by Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC., by prolonging the teachers strike in Reynoldsburg.  That’s money that Reynoldsburg taxpayers had intended to be used to educate their children, but is instead being directed primarily toward strike management operations, especially security.  And this begs the question – who’s truly running the school district right now?

Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning was hired in January to a three-year contract with a base pay of $157,500.  She has some other perks such as a $10,000 annuity and a $7,800 allowance for automobile, communications and other expenses, but let’s just focus on […]

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This Sunday the Columbus Dispatch, which touts itself (despite decades of proof otherwise) as “Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper,” ran a terribly myopic, partisan and intentionally misleading editorial endorsement of Gov. John Kasich that bordered on journalistic and editorial malpractice.

The Columbus newspaper is owned and operated by powerful Republicans whose media empire routinely goes to bat for business, especially local Titans like The Limited, Nationwide, Worthington Industries and dozens of others, as well as carrying water for GOP politicians like Kasich.   For this, the paper has clearly earned it’s nickname, The Columbus Disgrace

The Disgrace didn’t have to run this cheap shot editorial five weeks before Election Day, as it’s coverage […]

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After months of failed negotiations with the local school board, teachers in Reynoldburg went on strike on Friday.  The school board responded by keeping the schools open and busing in overly-priced, incompetent substitute staff.  The Dispatch reports that staffing is at half the normal level, resulting in large groups of students being forced into small classrooms with unprepared teachers.  According to some reports, all hell broke loose.

Today, Reynoldsburg Superintendant Tina Thomas-Manning sent out a letter to parents that promised to crack down on the problems experienced last week.  Her solution: blame the students!   Thomas-Manning’s threatening letter is clear: she plans to […]

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