From the daily archives: Thursday, September 25, 2014

I never know whether to take a Columbus Dispatch editorial endorsement seriously. That’s especially true after it awarded John Kasich the Gubernatorial Medal of Honor without a hint about his imperfect tenure as a leading force in the Political/Industrial/Crony Complex.

Not a word about his anti-union sentiments, or his allies (think:Mark Kvamme) who raked in millions of dollars in the glow of his office, nor his claim to lead Ohio out of the Bush recession poverty without telling us that the state ranks 41st in economic growth since he took office, nor that he opposed the Obama administration’s stimulus package […]

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Republicans love to laugh and mock Vice President Joe Biden for his gaffe-prone, off-the-cuff remarks. But while the the GOP sound machine uses Biden as their familiar whipping boy, they have consistently shown themselves deaf, dumb and blind to the truly outrageous behavior, beliefs and blustering by their own high profile politicians. But a funny thing happened on John Kasich and Mary Taylor this week on their widely anticipated cake walk to a second term.

John Kasich, who has his own long history with foot-in-mouth disease, and Mary Taylor, his “wicked smart” running mate, have done everything they can to […]

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