From the daily archives: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Valoria Hoover is a Republican lawyer from Dublin, Ohio who desperately wants to be a judge.  And this year might be her big break, assuming she can continue to pull off the scam she’s been running for the past few months: pretending to be a Democrat.

In 2012, Ms. Hoover ran a very unsuccessful campaign against now-Judge Kim Brown for the Court of Common Pleas in Franklin County.  Brown received 67% of the vote, and spent the months leading up to the election aggressively campaigning.  You couldn’t attend a parade or event, or drink at a hipster coffee shop downtown that summer […]

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When most people hear about workers going on strike, their first thought is that the breakdown in negotiations is about pay. This belief is rampant among those who are uneducated about the current strike involving Reynoldsburg teachers.  The Reynoldsburg superintendent seems to be among that group of individuals who still believes this is about pay and recently wrote that the latest offer by the teachers “included $1 million more in guaranteed raises compared to the board’s most recent proposal”, though she does not provide a detailed analysis of the two proposals to defend this claim.

That’s why we are here. […]

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