From the daily archives: Friday, September 12, 2014

If the Wizard of Westerville is really the messiah of reform he claims to be, you would have thought by now, after a lifetime in and around government, he would have figured out what is really unbalancing America’s budget.

And contrary to accepted political folklore by the GOP and its candidates for office like Gov. John Kasich, it’s not spending on social safety net benefit programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These programs, beloved by Americans for good reason, are also the three reliable targets Republicans including Gov. Kasich and his contemporary protégée in Washington, Rep. Paul Ryan, repeatedly shoot at. Their […]

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It’s no secret that John Kasich wants to run for president — again. He can’t admit that now because he’s running for re-election, and that’s like asking Ohioans for their votes but telling them you have NO PLANS to serve the full term. So his allies (none more vociferous and vocal than The Columbus Dispatch) are talking a lot about his potential run and the mandate he’s seeking and making all sorts of noises about what a fine nation we’d have if only Kasich’s policies were in place.

To run, he needs to get re-elected governor. He also […]

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Political satirists and PAC, Central Ohio Countering Kasich (COCK), who are not shy about (a) double entendres, and, (b) making a mockery of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, were recently kicked out of an Ohio State Buckeyes Grill-A-Palooza featuring The Guv himself at Campaign HQ Saturday.

First, Cheers to COCK for taking advantage of the preposterous Citizens United ruling and creating an equally preposterous PAC, which can be found at And cheers to COCK for the good-faith effort to befuddle Kampaign Kasich at an obvious pseudo event, and otherwise throughout election season.

But, of […]

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